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Getting to know your new teachers - Mr Teoh

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Mr Teoh is one of the new teachers that had recently joined the SST family. He teaches Chemistry. Before coming to SST, he has done research work. 
So here's more about him!

Q: Can you do a brief introduction about yourself?

Mr Teoh: I graduated from NUS Department of Chemistry and did my research paper in NUS as well as in Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. 

Q: What do you like to do during your free time?

Mr Teoh: I read, played badminton and watch movies during my free time. I enjoyed traveling and exploring new places.

Q:What makes you want to teach in SST?

Mr Teoh: The reason I chose SST was because of the new environment. A new way of teaching and learning, the classroom size, the students, and of course the new campus makes it all exciting to be in. It is always a privilege and an honor to be one of the teachers in a new school. I can experience the transformation which takes place and it is really dynamic. 

Q: What's the difference between teaching in SST and in your previous school?

Mr Teoh: I enjoy the different way of teaching and learning, the classroom size as well as the students.

Q: What was your first impression of SST students?

Mr Teoh: They are very polite. 

Q: What do you think about the enormous new campus?

Mr Teoh: The new campus is very impressive. There are a lot of facilities which the community can tap such as the huge Indoor Sports Hall, the Lecture Theatre, Auditorium and the Science Labs. It is also very tiring to move in such a huge campus. =) 

Q: Do you think students having the learning device would make them learn better?

Mr Teoh: Not necessarily. 

With learning devices and internet, the whole learning experience had changed. Teachers are no longer the only person who provides the students with information. The internet such as google, wikipedia, yahoo answer, blogs and youtube are platforms where students search for more information. And if the students just take the time to read a little more, they will be "smarter" than the teachers in term of information.

On the other side, this also makes the student a "reluctant thinker". They expect to know the answer immediately and no longer think or organize their thoughts in an orderly manner. Information is everywhere. This is where the teacher comes in to "facilitate the learning and thinking". 

However, the learning device has help tremendously in the daily teaching and learning. But learning devices do not necessarily make the students a better learner. 

Q: How has your teaching experience been so far in SST?

Mr Teoh: So far, my teaching experience in SST has been positive. I have more attention for my students and they are "closer" to me thanks to the classroom size and Facebook. The school has really made an effort to forge a strong relationship between teacher and students. 

Q: Is there any particular student or class that has left a deep impression?

Mr Teoh: Not at the moment. I'm still getting to know my students better. In general, most of the students are wonderful. 

Q: What’s your new year resolution for your classes or personally?

Mr Teoh: My new year resolution is to read more, learn more, and relax more.


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