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SST Talent Showcase cum Inter-House Cosplay Challenge 2014

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On the fourth of July, students and teachers were gathered in the multi purpose hall for the SST Talent Showcase cum Inter-house Cosplay Event in celebration of the upcoming Youth Day. The SST Youth Day celebration was started of with a speech by our student emcees.

Kicking off the Talent Showcase were the rock band ‘Of Ree and Minions’, who performed a Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’. They certainly left a strong, confident impression on the audience with their singing and amazing electric guitar and drum solos. The band members seemed to be very comfortable in the spotlight as they rocked their head to the beat and interacted with each other. Their performance ended with a roaring cheer from the students.

Up next were the violinist duo performing Scent of a Woman (Por Una Cavesa). Starting off the stage with a dramatic darkness, the duo played excellently. The silent audience could tell that the both of the violinist were especially concentrated and coordinated in their playing. In a contrast to the previous act, Scent of a Woman was melodious and an overall classic piece which left the audience clapping in awe.

The third act was a poem titled ‘Metamorphosis’. A poetry that coincided with the theme of Youth Day, it was a touching piece that brought out the many insecurities of today’s youth, yet empowered them. The piece was great, with its wonderful rhymes and its wide vocabulary but what made it impactful was the student reciting it. The student reciting the piece brought out its many emotions with large, animated gestures. His voice also brought out the assorted sensations of the piece, leading the audience to laugh along at its light hearted parts. The recital received a great round of applause.

Taking a break from the many assorted talents, the Inter-House Cosplay event took place. Opening the event was Red house, with their cosplay character of Kousaka Kirino of the anime, Oreimo. A one minute video introduction of the character was played, whilst the cosplayer herself acted out the scenes accordingly. She was dressed like the character to the tee which made her introduction very believable.

Next up was Black house with their cosplay of Teemo, a character found in the popular online game, League of Legends (LoL). She was greeted readily with a loud round of applause, probably mostly from the fans of LoL and black house members. As another student onstage introduced Teemo, the cosplayer herself acted in accordance to what he had to say.

Yellow house came after, starting with a student with a rubber head of a horse running onto stage to greet the audience. The main act came on soon after. A fellow student dressed as Miley Cyrus, or Hannah Montana, danced and lip-synced to the songs Best of Both Worlds and Hoedown Throwdown by Miley herself. The audience were excited as they cheered along to the performance.

Then came Green house’s cosplayer, dressed as Vendetta from the movie ‘V for Vendetta’. Besides a small slip up, the student executed well practised throws of knifes onstage, according to a video which was played at the same time. After showing off his wonderful skills, the student then proceeded to throw a rose off the stage into the audience, marking the end of his performance.

Lastly, Blue house took the stage with a beautiful cosplay of the Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’. Supposedly being introduced by an emcee, Joker appears and shoves her onto a chair, starting off with the famous line, “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?” which roused the audience. Another familiar quote, “Why so serious?” was brought up as well, as the cosplayer, told the story of Joker’s scars.

After the amazing cosplay event, the Talent Showcase continued with a student performing ‘Fly Me to the Moon’. With a melodious voice he sang soothingly despite the few technical issues at first. Some of the audience waved their hands in the air along with the beat. As his singing finished, the audience cheered loudly.

Following after, a beatbox by Jericho was put up. He was practised and professional in how he carried out his act. With elements of dubstep integrated into his act, the students were certainly entertained with this unique act.

Four members of the guitar ensemble came onstage next with their band named ‘4:20’ which meant that they had four members and a total of twenty strings of their three guitars and one ukelele. They played and sang ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. The audience sure enjoyed this performance as they clapped along to the beat.

The last act was put together by the SST Dance Crew. This dance was also performed as an anti-drugs campaign. The performance was not only a dance but it had a storyline in it as well. Filled with strong and powerful movements, the audience were amazed by the dancing. At the end, a banner which read ‘Say No To Drugs’ was held up. Loud cheers and claps applauded the Dance Crew for their performance.

Closing off the Talent Showcase cum Cosplay Event, the results of the inter-house cosplay event are revealed. From first to fifth place, Blue, Green, Red, Black and Yellow respectively. Mr. Chua presented the prizes to the first, second and third placed houses.

Written by: Klaudia Oey (S104)


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