Monday, January 13, 2014

Badge Ceremony 2014

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Held on the end of Week 1 each year, the SST Badge Ceremony is an annual ceremony marking the induction of the new Secondary 1 students into SST’s family. It is an exciting event for both the new students and their parents. The 2014 Badge Ceremony was conducted on 10 January 2014. Before the ceremony, parents and students were invited to the 4th floor of Block C to have a buffet dinner.

Soon, the staff, parents and VIPs were ushered into the Multi-Purpose Hall as the students waited backstage. The ceremony began with a rousing welcome to the Secondary 1 students as they marched into the hall, class by class, with their form teachers. Parents eagerly took photographs as the students marched towards their seats. After the march-in, the Vice-Principal, Mrs Chew, made a speech, acknowledging the students leaders for their hard work in organising the orientation programme, as well as welcoming the new students and parents to the SST community. 

Next, the Principal, Mr Chua, was invited on stage to present the badges to the students. Each student received their badge from Mr Chua as some parents rushed to take photos of their children. After all the students had received their badges and were seated, they rose from their seats and pin on their badges. Parents were told to rise as well, as the school song was going to be played. All the students sang the school song loudly, with pride and dignity. After that, the audience gave a round of appluase to welcome them to the SST family.

Subsequently, the Orientation Camp commandant, Harindrar, from the Peer Support board made a speech about the Orientation. Following that, the representative of the Sec 1 batch, Rohan from S1-06, was invited on stage to talk about his personal experience of the Orientation. A compilation video of the Orientation Programme was then played, showcasing the thrilling experience that the newly initiated Sec 1 students had gone through.

Finally, to end the ceremony on a high note, the student leaders were invited up on stage to perform the school cheer. The Sec 1 students stood up as well and joined in on the cheer.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sec 1 Orientation 2014

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On the 2nd January 2014, it was the first day of school for the new batch of students. Tension hung in the air as the Secondary 1s entered the school with mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement. The school year kicked start with a welcome address from the Mr Chua, and then they were dismissed to their classrooms where they got to meet their form teachers and PSLs that will lead them through the 3 days orientation camp. This year’s orientation theme was “With  your hands, heads and hearts”.

As usual, Orientation Camp started off with icebreakers like ‘whacko’ and ‘blow wind blow’, which is interactive and requires everyone’s participation, which will help them to know their classmates better.

They were then given a short break to refuel before the next round of exciting activities.They played games like, ’Pass the ball’, ‘Flip the mat’, which challenged them to complete the task in the shortest time. The students managed to complete all challenges with teamwork and participation from everyone. They were then sent back to their classrooms to settle admin matters and have a proper meeting with their form and co-form teachers.  They were also given their very own orientation t-shirts to where for the next to days of the camp. Once those were settled, they were sent to the ISH for a mass cheer where they got to know the school cheer. They were also briefed about the activities and the items to bring for the next day of the camp before their dismissal for the day.
The next day was equally eventful. After arriving in school the first 4 classes were taken to boon kent for high elements. The sec 1’s had to trust each other as they faced their fears and conquered the obstacles there. This helped strengthen ties between them and their classmates as they helped each other through the course.

While the first 4 classes were having a whale of time in high elements, the other 4 classes were having equally as much fun. They had team building games which focused on trust and teamwork. For example they had a game where they had to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from the 4th floor using the given materials. In the afternoon,the groups of classes were then switched and those who went for high elements in the morning had the team building game vice-versa. Once everyone was back they had badge night preparation and were then dismissed.

The next day they settled administrative stuff in the morning before having an amazing race in which they were challenged against their schoolmates from different classes to complete a series of games. They got to play many games which enabled their class to get more bonded. They then bid farewell to their PSLs thanking them for the enjoyable and memorable experience they had over the past 3 days.

Written by: Sneha Vinod S205