Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Student Congress 2013

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On 22 May 2013, SST held it’s very first Student Congress. This event is to allow studentsto share their positive experiences and memories with their class, with the help of the Student Council (SC), Peer Support Board (PSB), Class Chairpersons, Junior Student Council (JSC) and Junior Peer Support Board (JPSB), who helped in planning this entire event and were also the facilitators to each class in the school. Each class was assigned 2 or 3 facilitators.

During morning assembly, students were shown a video of SST’s milestones so far, before heading back to their classrooms to start off the discussion for the Student Congress. In the classes, the Student Facilitators started off by introducing themselves, followed by giving a task to the students which require them to reflect back on the video, that was played during the morning assembly, and  what did they think about it and how it helped them to actually move forward towards the future.

After the class shared their reflections on the video, Student Facilitators started to introduce the next activity, which started off with an introduction on what they were going to do. The first stage of the Student Congress was “Discover”, in which students are to discover what are the strengths of the school through sharing their own personal positive moments in SST with the class. Students were split into groups of 4 or 5 and they had to write down their positive moments in SST on the post-its and stick them onto a piece of butcher paper. Students were then asked to categorize their stories into their own self-created categories within their groups before they chose one student from their group to share his or her experiences, students facilitators would pick out the main points in the shared stories and write them down on a piece of butcher paper.

After going through all the groups, the facilitators started to discuss the main points that have been picked out from the stories shared. Students were asked to come up with themes for the strengths listed out by the student facilitators and share them with the class so that they were able to categorize the points. Once the themes were settled, facilitators went through theme by theme, asking students to mark out some words to describe that certain theme.

Once that was done, the groups were asked to choose one theme to work with before they headed off for their recess. After their break, the facilitators went on to talk about the next stage “Dream”, which was the last stage that they touched on. Students got back into their groups and from the chosen theme, they were asked to write down on a new piece of butcher paper what they expect to see of SST about 5 years down the road. They were allowed to use drawings or any form of representation of their dreams for SST. Once they were done, students were asked to present the points that they have written down as their dreams for SST.

After that, students headed down to the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) for the Closing Ceremony for the  Student Congress. To close it off, level representatives were asked to stage to discuss what they have learned and their thoughts and views on the Student Congress. After that, we watched a video where Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam made a short speech about the future of SST before Mr Lim Boon Tat came up to stage and talked a little and showed us another video. He mentioned that SST is our only Secondary School, and we should protect it. After that, we did the school cheer which ended off SST’s very first Student Congress.

Done By: Genevieve Foo
Vetted By: Chew Yun Hui


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