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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2014

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On Monday, April 7, 2014, SST started its Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight for the year. Over the span of two weeks, all students would be participating in various events related to their mother tongue languages and learning more about them.

On April 9, the Malay students had participated in a ‘Cultural Fiesta’. Many stations, with different traditional games unique to the Malay culture, were set up for the students. Before all the fun and games, the students were seated down for a talk about their current knowledge of the Malay culture. After which, they embarked on their games. Most students were delighted to try out the various traditional games planned out for them! Many of them walked away with fantastic prizes too. Lastly, they were given the pleasure of eating delicious malay food!

On April 10, the Chinese students set off to Chinatown for their cultural camp at ‘Tea Chapter’, where they were introduced to the origins and legends of Chinese tea. They learnt about the many different types of tea, and also the traditional way to brew them. The students were very fascinated and participative during the whole process. Soon, they were given the opportunity to brew the tea for themselves! Most students were very eager to embark on their tea brewing journey. Like kings and queens, they enjoyed their self-brewed tea with a tea biscuit and herbal tea eggs.

As the Chinese students were enjoying their tea brewing session, the Secondary 1 Tamil students were having their own cultural camp back in school. They participated wholeheartedly in the game of Tiger and Goat, a traditional board game native to India. Other students learnt and made their very own flower garlands. And lastly, the students were taught to draw beautiful Kolams, which are used for house decorations during the festive season.

Tamil students making their very own flower garlands in school.

These were only some of the many wonderful and fun activities put up for the MTL Fortnight. The students not only learnt more about their cultural heritage, but also forged a strong sense of belonging to their mother tongue and joyful memories with their friends!

Written By: Klaudia Oey (S1-04)


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