Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MTL Fortnight 2014 - A visit to the Jurong Regional Library

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On April 11, the Malay students visited the Jurong Regional Library for their learning journey. Firstly, the students were given 40 minutes to complete a quiz on malay culture. After that, the speaker went through the answers and also shared many stories of the different events and festivals that he went through.This intrigued the malay students deeply, as they listen and pose questions to the speaker. They learnt many unique ways of gaining inspiration and writing better works than before.

Next, the speaker shared how Malay history, stories and culture still affect people today, especially writers to write compelling and interesting pieces of work. The speaker also shared many useful websites, that provide valuable information for both students and teachers. One of the websites hosts newspapers dating back to the 1900s as a viable resource of history for the students. Another website was an archive of information that are considered to be trusted as proper factual content which would certainly help the students with their individual projects in school.

The journey concluded after a short tour around the Jurong Regional library. The facilities were both comfortable and useful. The students took away many important lessons and motivation to spur them on to improve their Malay Language. Finally, they ended their enriching journey with a group photo. 

Written by: Zahid Aziz (S306)


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