Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebrations@SST 2014

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On the 12th of March 2014, SST held its 4th annual Celebrations@SST. On this day, everyone in the SST Community comes together to celebrate the growth and success of the students. The students are recognised for their achievements in many areas, such as their character, CCA and studies, and many awards are given out in recognition of their outstanding performance. There were two sessions - the morning session and the evening session. For the evening session, many students from the pioneer batch were invited back to SST to receive the Top 'O' Level Performer Award. Parents of both current students and alumni were also invited to witness their children receive the prize and celebrate the occasion together with the school.
Pioneer batch of students taking a group photograph after receiving their awards.

Before the evening session, parents, award winners and teachers were invited to the Indoor Sports Hall, where they had a buffet reception. They had their dinner while chatting with others. Meanwhile, the SST Guitar Ensemble played some music for all to enjoy.

SST Guitar Ensemble practising and getting ready for their evening performances.

Both sessions were kicked off with the award recipients marching into the hall, smiling and waving, as the audience welcomed them with a warm applause. The Principal, Mr Chua Chor Huat then gave his opening address to the the audience. After that, the award ceremony began with our Vice Principal, Mr Vincent Tan giving out the awards, followed by our Principal, Mr Chua. Various awards were given out, such as the SST Book Prizes, SST Character Award, MOE EAGLES Award, MOE Edusave Yearly Awards, and others.

Next, an NEmation video by our school Team Hashtag was featured, followed by a video made by the pioneer batch thanking the teachers of SST. The concert then started. It was a narrated story of a teenager who had difficulty understanding his physics homework. The story incorporated performances by the English Drama Club, Singapore Youth Flying Club, Robotics Club, Dance Crew and Taekwondo. It was an enjoyable performance and it received a resounding applause from the audience.

Various clubs of SST performing on stage for everyone to enjoy.

The end of concert concluded the 4th annual Celebrations@SST. Overall, the event was a success and everyone felt a sense of accomplishment after receiving their awards.

Written by: Maximilian Oh Yangzhi (S209) Edited by: William Ming (S308)

Monday, March 10, 2014

English Language Day 2014

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On 28th February 2014, the School of Science and Technology, Singapore held English Language Day by organising a variety of events related to English Language. 

During the two different recesses and after school, there was a display of some of the new books that were recently acquired by the Info Hub in the canteen. The books were categorised into different genres neatly so that the students could conveniently borrow books that they liked on the spot. This activity was organised to encourage students to read more English books. 

Soon after, during the assembly period, the whole school gathered in the Multi-Purpose Hall to watch a play, “Mind Our Language”, that was performed by Drama Arts. The play was about a boy who liked to talk in broken English or “Singlish”, and the foreigners from other countries, who spoke in perfect english could not understand many of the things that he said.  This caused a very big language barrier between the two. The story continues, explaining how the teacher of the boy convinced him to change his bad habit of speaking broken English,the challenges he encountered along the way, and how he finally managed to communicate with the foreigners fluently when he got rid of his bad habit. In the end, there was a happily-ever-after ending when the three classmates became friends. 

The play ended with a thunderous applause from the crowd, the teacher’s announcement ended the day on a high note with a launch of the the Inter-House Challenges which included the Inter-House Speech Challenge for the Upper Secondary students and the Inter-House Story-telling Challenge for the lower secondary students. 

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