Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting to know your new teachers - Miss Karen Ng

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1. Why did you choose to teach at SST?
As a Science teacher, it is exciting to be teaching in a school with the focus on Science and Technology. The liberty to plan and innovate lessons is one of the main reasons why I chose to be teaching in SST.

2. What are some of your past experiences as a teacher?
I have been teaching Upper Secondary Chemistry for 3 years. In the 3 years, I was fortunate to have the experience in teaching both 'N' and 'O' levels syllabus.

3. What do you think of SST so far? In terms of teaching methods, people, facilities?
The facilities available to the teachers and students in SST create an environment that promotes innovative teaching and learning. This allows teachers to explore various ways to teach. It is also heartening that teachers are sharing good practices to enhance students' learning. In SST, students are inquisitive and are willing to explore the different ways of learning.

4. How would you define "learning in a whole new way"?
Instead of the traditional "memorising" and "drill and practise", SST students are taught to understand and apply the concepts. Students learn how to solve problems and provide solutions.

5. What are some of your dislikes?
My pet peeve would be people who have bad attitude and like to waste time.

6. Can you tell us the most memorable thing that has happened in your teaching career?
When an ex-student wrote me a card telling me, how she changed from hating Chemistry to loving and appreciating Chemistry.

7. What are your expectations of the students? In terms of grades, learning attitude, etc?
Students with positive learning attitude will excel.

8. If you were able to go back in time, would you still have chosen to come to this school to teach?
Yes, definitely I would.

Getting to know your new teachers - Miss Evelyn Teo

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Q) Why did you choose to come to SST?
A) Prior to joining SST, I was lecturing at National Institute of Education (NIE). At NIE, I was teaching trainee teachers, mainly on the use of inquiry in their lessons. My teaching experiences at NIE and as well as in Integrated Programme (IP) schools will certainly aid me in my teaching at SST.

Q) Is there anything you especially like about this school?
A) The small class size and the integration of ICT during curriculum time.

Q) Are you comfortable with SST’s different way of learning and teaching with an LD?
A) I am certainly comfortable and thrill with the use of LD at SST. I feel that LD is not only an useful device for learning by the students, it also allows students to gain new knowledge through the availability of information on the internet as well as collaboration with their peers with the use of various software and Google sites or groups.

Q) Is there anything you think the school can improve on?
A) The school can have more collaboration between the stakeholders like the community and the parents.
Q) Do you think the new campus this year provides a conducive learning environment?
A) The new campus certainly provides a conducive learning environment with the availability of air-conditioned classrooms and the well-equipped laboratories specially catered for the different sciences.

Q) How do you usually teach?
A) I usually teach with the use of LD and student-centered activities. I feel that pedagogy used in teaching must value-add students in their learning.  

Q) Do you think anything can be done so that learning can be done more efficiently?
A) Instructions for any activities must be clear and disseminated at the beginning. Students must also do their part in order for learning to be efficient.

Q) Where do you think is a good learning environment in SST, other than the classrooms?
A) Lecture theatres, various science laboratories, the ecogarden and ecopond.

Q) What applied subjects in SST are you interested in and why?
A) Biotechnology and Environmental Science. These two subjects are only unique to SST and it is a collaboration between Ngee Ann Polytechnic and SST. With the knowledge and skills gained for the two subjects, it will give SST students an edge over others in their pursue of higher education and careers in the future.

Q) Do you think the school is on the correct path to achieve its mission, which is ‘To Develop World-ready and Future-looking Leaders through Innovative Technology and Applied Learning.’ ?
A) With the well-planned curriculum and the implementation of new initiatives, it is on the correct path to achieve its mission.

Q) How long have you been teaching and where were you teaching before coming to SST?
A) I have been teaching for more than 12 years. I was teaching at mainstream schools for the first six years and thereafter an IP school. I was lecturing at NIE before coming to SST.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting to know your teachers - Mr. Liu Yi Jie

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Among the new batch of teachers joining the SST family in 2012 was Mr. Liu Yi Jie. He used to teach at River Valley High School before his journey in SST begun. Here's more about him!

Q: Why did you choose to join SST?  
SST offered me the platform to explore teaching using ICT resources, which was something which I have been trying to develop and work upon in my previous school.

Q: As of now, how do you find SST? 
I'm lucky to be taking the good classes. The students I see are very motivated and outspoken, and ironically, most of them have the attitude to blossom in an IP school environment. The environment is small and cosy, and colleagues are always willing to help each other out.

Q: What is your opinion on the integration of ICT in our learning? 
So far, there are different views among different teachers regarding how ICT should be appropriately integrated into students' learning. There seems to be no right / wrong answer as of yet. Ultimately, when you students graduate as the first batch of SST "O" level students, your results will be the best reflection on how successful the integration was.

Q: Tell us more about your family?
My dog stays with my mum and grandmother, while I stay with my wife. I have a younger brother who is currently serving in MFA.

Q: What did you do before you started teaching?
Give tuition, go for training, do tutorials. In other words, a university education.

Q: Tell us more about your education career (Inspiration, where you taught)
No inspiring / happy story here. Teachers from my secondary school were fairly straightforward in their teaching. When I started, I actually promised myself that I will not be as dull as some of them. I previously taught in Assumption English School as a contract teacher for 6 months. The students there exposed me to a whole different environment, and 6 months have now stretched into 6 years. 

Q: What are your hobbies?
Sports / riding my motorcycle / spending time with my dog

Q: What were some of your childhood dreams?
To play in the NBA.

Q: What sort of music do you fancy?
Hip hop / reggae / heavy metal / rock. Current song put on repeat is Fun's "We Are Young"

Fun: We are young
Q: What are the expectations do you have for your students?
Used to be results. But now, results are a given. I hope that all students grow up to be good and sensible people whom I can be proud to say that I have taught.

Q: Do you like to travel? If so, what countries do you specially like?
Yes I do. Quiet and scenic countries with few tourist traps e.g. Hokkaido, Tasmania etc

Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting to know your new teachers - Miss Magdelene Sng

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In the new school year, a batch of new teachers have entered SST and be part of the SST family. However, what are their thoughts about us? 
So here is an interview segment with two of our new teachers, Mr Yeo and Miss Sng. 

Miss Magdelene Sng has joined SST as an English Language teacher. Her hobbies includes running, rollerblading and surfing the net. She enjoys having a chat over a cup of coffee with her friends.

Q: What is your opinion of SST students compared to other previous(if any) school's students?

Ms Sng: Students here are definitely more tech-savvy. They are also more well-behaved and innocent and there is not as much discipline cases as the schools I have seen previously. However, I find that students are not as resilient as many of them are sheltered heavily.

Q: What made you join teaching as your career?

Ms Sng: Before I came to teach, I spent a lot of time working in the corporate sector and there was once I have to rush a project overnight and went to sleep at 8 in the morning yet I have to get back at 12 noon. It was a lot of time spent and I might as well spend the same time on living things(human beings) like teaching. It's more meaningful that way.

Q: How do you feel about being in a new school with a different kind of learning experience?
    Ms Sng: It feels too good to be true! I knew that I have a lot to learn here and has been eagerly attending loads of workshops.

    Q:  Has SST students impacted you in any way? Please share your experience(s).

    Ms Sng: I feel motivated to teach again, and students here really want to learn and are willing to give more. I feel passionate about teaching again.

    Ms Sng currently has a Degree in English Language and Socialogy. She has also completed NIE training.

    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    Getting to know your new teachers - Mr Teoh

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    Mr Teoh is one of the new teachers that had recently joined the SST family. He teaches Chemistry. Before coming to SST, he has done research work. 
    So here's more about him!

    Q: Can you do a brief introduction about yourself?

    Mr Teoh: I graduated from NUS Department of Chemistry and did my research paper in NUS as well as in Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. 

    Q: What do you like to do during your free time?

    Mr Teoh: I read, played badminton and watch movies during my free time. I enjoyed traveling and exploring new places.

    Q:What makes you want to teach in SST?

    Mr Teoh: The reason I chose SST was because of the new environment. A new way of teaching and learning, the classroom size, the students, and of course the new campus makes it all exciting to be in. It is always a privilege and an honor to be one of the teachers in a new school. I can experience the transformation which takes place and it is really dynamic. 

    Q: What's the difference between teaching in SST and in your previous school?

    Mr Teoh: I enjoy the different way of teaching and learning, the classroom size as well as the students.

    Q: What was your first impression of SST students?

    Mr Teoh: They are very polite. 

    Q: What do you think about the enormous new campus?

    Mr Teoh: The new campus is very impressive. There are a lot of facilities which the community can tap such as the huge Indoor Sports Hall, the Lecture Theatre, Auditorium and the Science Labs. It is also very tiring to move in such a huge campus. =) 

    Q: Do you think students having the learning device would make them learn better?

    Mr Teoh: Not necessarily. 

    With learning devices and internet, the whole learning experience had changed. Teachers are no longer the only person who provides the students with information. The internet such as google, wikipedia, yahoo answer, blogs and youtube are platforms where students search for more information. And if the students just take the time to read a little more, they will be "smarter" than the teachers in term of information.

    On the other side, this also makes the student a "reluctant thinker". They expect to know the answer immediately and no longer think or organize their thoughts in an orderly manner. Information is everywhere. This is where the teacher comes in to "facilitate the learning and thinking". 

    However, the learning device has help tremendously in the daily teaching and learning. But learning devices do not necessarily make the students a better learner. 

    Q: How has your teaching experience been so far in SST?

    Mr Teoh: So far, my teaching experience in SST has been positive. I have more attention for my students and they are "closer" to me thanks to the classroom size and Facebook. The school has really made an effort to forge a strong relationship between teacher and students. 

    Q: Is there any particular student or class that has left a deep impression?

    Mr Teoh: Not at the moment. I'm still getting to know my students better. In general, most of the students are wonderful. 

    Q: What’s your new year resolution for your classes or personally?

    Mr Teoh: My new year resolution is to read more, learn more, and relax more.

    Getting to know your new teachers - Mr Thomas Yeo

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    In the new school year, a batch of new teachers have entered SST and be part of the SST family. However, what are their thoughts about us? 
    So here is an interview segment with two of our new teachers, Mr Yeo and Miss Sng. 

    Mr Thomas Yeo has joined the SST family as a math teacher and is also a teacher mentor for Media Club CCA. He has taught perviously in schools like Woodlands Secondary. He plays computer games(PS3 and Xbox) and board games in his free time.

    Q: How do you find SST so far?

    Mr Yeo: I find it fun. Students here are very vocal and like to ask a lot of questions. I have realised I knew so little compared to the students and I'm still learning from them. They have impacted me positvely.

    Q:  What made you decide to come to SST/teach students?

    Mr Yeo: I was attracted to the tech-savvy environment like the learning devices as I am a tech-savvy person myself so I like to use technology to teach.

    Q: As a teacher, what are your qualifications?

    Mr Yeo: I have a degree in Computer Engineering and also a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education.

    Q: What kind of qualities do you want to find in students?

    Mr Yeo: I feel that students must be able to be willing to learn and willing to try. They also have to put in effort in whatever they do.

    Mr Yeo has also claimed himself as a shopaholic and have more clothes and shoes than his wife!

    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Congratulations NEMation!

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    Recently, the results for NEMation, an annual animation competition, were announced at West ITE. A total of 13 student supporters had went to the event to support SST's team: Dreamation. Dreamation had got into the top 10 of NEMation 6, and were now competing for first place. After a long period of hard work and waiting, the results were released and Dreamation achieved Second Place!

    Dreamation comprised of four students: Kok Yin (Leader), Jing Heng, Ren Chang, Celine.
    NEMation had the students working hard during the December Holidays on their final product, and when it was finally released, voting begun.
    SST students encouraged each other to vote for Dreamation, and at the end Dreamation managed to snag second place!

    Being their first time animating and the school's first team to get into the top 10, they were overwhelmed with excitement.
    Interview with Leader of Dreamation, Kok Yin:

    1. How do you feel about winning the place of 1st runner up?
    Kind of disappointing as we wished to aim for the first place but I am also happy. For a
    small school like us, to be able to get 1st runner up right when we participated for the first
    time ever. LOLOL.

    2. What were your thoughts before the results were announced?
    When we knew that we were either champions or 1st runner up, I was trembling. Super
    nervous. I walked forward slowly and had to take deep breaths in order to stop myself from

    3. Is there anything that you guys feel that you could have done better or improved on?
    Our art. I feel that our art isnʼt as nice. If we drew it nicer, we could have won

    4. Would you join N.E.Mation 7 this year?
    Yes if I am able to find a team

    Once again, Congratulations to Dreamation for achieving 1st runner up in the competition. And also, congratulations to the other schools who have worked equally hard on their animation projects.
    Here is a link, to the results video: Results Video!