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SST Open House (22nd May 2010)

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On the 22nd May 2010, School of Science and Technology (SST) had their 2nd Open House since its existence. This is the first time that students are involved in the Open House. Judging from the huge turnout for the open house, consisting of many parents, future SST students along with their family to turn up for the event, is a huge hit with the crowd. Many people were also very interested to find out more on the curriculum we study in SST and thus, making most of our learning trails for each session fully booked .

Our learning trails for My learning@SST, were done by us Student Ambassadors. We showed them the Science labs for our sciences and Applied Subjects, Hall for our Subject Booths, and lastly to Admissions@SST or Forum@SST before the start of every session for Forum@SST. There were sometimes, a couple of people who did not register for the learning trails wanted to come, so we let them walk-in and continue with the rest of the tour.

With many other schools, such as Nanyang Girls High, holding their Open House today, it was a challenge to get most people to register for Direct School Admission (DSA) to SST, but alas, we managed to get people’s attention and judging from the packed room at Admissions@SST, a lot of people signed up for DSA to SST. Even as the crowed died down, though many student helpers and teachers for the event are tired, we know now that our 1st Open House with the Secondary 1 pioneer cohort is extremely successful.

Written By Cherin
Edited By Ms Seah

SST Open House

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Welcoming parents

Getting ready for the learning trail

Engaging parents at the DSA booth

Students engaged at the Media Studies booth

Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflection (Gavin)

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I have leant the different types of animation ways. I seen good and bad animations and the equipment and people involved in it. I also seen the procedure of which an animation is being created. I also learnt the differences of the animation process done last time and presently.

Reflection of Pixar Journey(Lee YuChong)

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I have learnt that story is very important in an animation or a movie, or else an animation will not be good. No matter how good our animation technology, if a story is no good, the entire animation will still be no good. The exhibit was nice and informative. The Zoetrope is very interesting. The staff there are friendly and helpful. Overall, I enjoyed myself.


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It was a fun day at the gallery as here were many good videos and experiments displayed, with the precise and wonderful works of arts and a wide screen that was totally 3d-like. My conclusion is that I will definitely go for the next exhibition.

Pixar Animation Reflection

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From the trip I learnt about techniques for animation. I learnt that animation is a tedious process, and that story is king. Without a good storyboard, the animation would not be favorable. Also, the artists also have to put in a lot of effort for their works. They have to draw a lot of frames, 24 frames, for just one second of animation. So, teamwork is needed between the crew to get the animation done well.

PIXAR Animation Reflection - Reuven Lim

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I have learnt that in animation, story is king. Without a good and understandable, even a advanced animation will not be good. Also, PIXAR was successful because of advanced computer animation software and a intesive and thorough story boarding process.

Here's a PIXAR short film. Enjoy!


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I have learnt that the story is very important to animation. If we do research on the topic of the animation, our animation will be much better.

by Jie Min

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Reflection of PIXAR exhibit

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It was interesting, especially the zenotrope (sp?). There was also a place in the exhibit that was playing a video. The video created the effect of a 3D movie but the video is actually a 2D video. There were various clay modules and sketches of the various movies PIXAR made. But it was very empty. The staff working there are kind and friendly. I also learned a lot more about animation.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Refelections for the PIXAR exhibiton(by BING JUE)

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To be able to create a good animation,you must have a good story.Be creative and you might be able to create a good animation.

One Example is the Animation Below.Pixar's first animation ''Luxor Jr''

Unlike the animation clip below:''Polly Gone''

Thus to make a good animation,you must have a good story.
With a good story is a good animation.


Sources: (Polly Gone) JR)

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