Sunday, May 30, 2010

SST Open House (22nd May 2010)

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On the 22nd May 2010, School of Science and Technology (SST) had their 2nd Open House since its existence. This is the first time that students are involved in the Open House. Judging from the huge turnout for the open house, consisting of many parents, future SST students along with their family to turn up for the event, is a huge hit with the crowd. Many people were also very interested to find out more on the curriculum we study in SST and thus, making most of our learning trails for each session fully booked .

Our learning trails for My learning@SST, were done by us Student Ambassadors. We showed them the Science labs for our sciences and Applied Subjects, Hall for our Subject Booths, and lastly to Admissions@SST or Forum@SST before the start of every session for Forum@SST. There were sometimes, a couple of people who did not register for the learning trails wanted to come, so we let them walk-in and continue with the rest of the tour.

With many other schools, such as Nanyang Girls High, holding their Open House today, it was a challenge to get most people to register for Direct School Admission (DSA) to SST, but alas, we managed to get people’s attention and judging from the packed room at Admissions@SST, a lot of people signed up for DSA to SST. Even as the crowed died down, though many student helpers and teachers for the event are tired, we know now that our 1st Open House with the Secondary 1 pioneer cohort is extremely successful.

Written By Cherin
Edited By Ms Seah


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