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Food Donation Drive

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Food Donation Drive
-by Abu Ubaidah

Flyers, such as these, were distributed by students to the residents of Clementi
On the 9th and 27th of December 2011, SST students helped out in a community involvement project that was organized by the students as well. The community involvement project was targeted at the residents of Clementi basically and it was for an organization known as Food From The Heart(FFTH), which is an organization that helps the underprivileged people namely in Singapore.

Students who were present on the 9th of December helped distribute flyers with information and details about the food donation drive that SST was holding. It's purpose was to propose to the residents to donate non perishable food items such as rice, canned food, oil, and more of such goods. The good turn up of students allowed all the distribution of flyers to be less of a hassle for the students who went door to door to place flyers and the day ended earlier than planned for the goodhearted students who turned up.

Requesting residents for donations for ultimately a good cause
On the 27th December, There was a greater turnup of students and they were divided into different sectors to collect food items from door to door. The great show of students once again made everything easier than expected and everyone finished their duties earlier than planned. The kind people of the Clementi community donated a lot of food items indeed, some caring souls even donated many heavy sacks of rice and there were some elderly who'd give whatever that was in their hands too!

This community involvement project wouldn't have been possible without the students who planned it and without the people who signed themselves up to help out in this project. Community involvement (Caring and Sharing for society) indeed comes from the heart, and seeing that many people from SST freed their time for such events, I must comment that students from SST have very big hearts. I'm sure many people would have benefited from the good deeds that SST as a community has brought to the bigger society. In the future if we kept this up, we could also fulfill our goals of being A Globally Connected Institution of Science and Technology. Let us hope and pray that we have all helped someone less fortunate than us by involving ourselves in activities that support the community.

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On the 3rd November 2011, SST held a inter-class competition for the Secondary 2s. All 9 classes came up with 2 School cheers each and pitted their cheers against each other. With their hard work, the Sec 2s came up with marvelous cheers! Congratulations to the classes who qualified as the top 3:

1st - S2-02
2nd - S2-09
3rd - S2- 06

Best song Lyrics- S2-05:
SST all the way,
We'll fight fight fight, come what may
} x3

Hey you~ We'll rule the day
We'll be on top and show the way
SST is here to stay
Hey, Listen to what I've got to say

Don't put us to the test,
Cos we're king of the west,
We'll dominate the rest,
SST's the best

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22nd October, SST's 3rd A Day @ SST experience !

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On 22nd October, SST held its 3rd A Day @ SST.  A Day @ SST gives the potential SST students a chance to experience lessons in a typical SST classroom. The P6 students are broken up into 3 different sessions and a few different groups. Each group of students would be able to experience 2 different lessons together as a class.

The first session starts at 8.30am ad ends at 1025, the second session starts at 11.00am and ends at 12.55am. The last session which is the third session of the day, starts at 2.00pm and ends at 3.5pm.

As the P6 students arrive and go over to the registration counter, student helpers and teachers in various classrooms are getting ready for the arrival of their class. As more and more students arrive, our student ushers get busier and our classroom student helpers and teachers get more excited.

In the morning with a talk given by both the Principal and Vice-Principal for the parents of the potential selected students of SST. Kicking of the event, two students, Niklaus Teo of class S2-09 and Mavis Cheng of S1-01 shared with the parents their experiences in SST. Mrs Chew Wai Lee, vice principal of SST, gave a brief on filling in the option form to accept SST’s offer and the other scenarios of the procedure of selecting the preferred schools if they reject SST’s offer. Moving on, Mrs Chew touched on the school’s structure, learning style and the future campus. After the presentation, there was a Q and A session where Mr Chua answered questions posed by the parents. The parent’s session ended with a feedback form which  will enable the school to further improve on the talk for future events.

While the parents were seated in the hall, the student leaders brought the students up to class, where they are greeted by the student helpers and teachers. After introductions, lessons commence. The students get to experience lessons such as English, Maths, Science and Humanities. After, students were required to complete a feedback form which would allow us to improve on our lessons.

In the English lessons which were conducted in Learning Oasis and Multi Purpose Room 2. The science lessons were split into Biology and Physics lessons. These science lessons were conducted in Multi Purpose Room 1 and the Physics Laboratory respectively. Maths lessons were taught in Classroom S106 and Classroom S107 during session 1 but one of the Maths lessons changed to be conducted in Design and Technology Studio room instead of Classroom S106. Last of all is the Integrated Humanities, Geography and History, which were conducted in the Earth Science Lab and Classroom S109 respectively.

In the english lessons, they have to arrange some procedures on pieces of paper in order then they have to follow it and do a self introduction with photo booth. For the next task, they were given a piece of paper, they have to copy down a set of instructions that will be read out by a teacher .They will follow the instruction they copy and create a iPhone ring tone using garage band. Last of all, they also have to upload to iTunes after completing the ring tone. During science lessons, the students were taught to use Google Sketchup to construct blood vessels like the arteries, veins and capillaries.

As the students leave, we all hope that we would be able to see them again next year, and that we have done an excellent job and had left a good impression.

Interview with student helpers :
Wang Ruoyu  S101          Student Helper for English language

Question 1. How do you feel about being a student helper for English in A Day@SST event ?
I felt that this was a great experience for me as i had loads of fun but at the same time learnt new knowledge, it also gave me a chance to bond and interact with my possible juniors.

Question 2. Share with us what are some of the interesting experiences during the A Day@SST event?
The whole event was exciting and fun, one of the most interesting experience was listening to the junior's Iphone ring tone ,as most of them were not very sure what to compose and the end results was very funny and random, i had a good time listening to the ring tones.

Question 3. If you had another chance to be a student helper again, what would you want to improve on?
I would try to be less awkward when talking with the juniors and also and not get too carried away when assisting the teacher with the task.

Q4 What was your favourite part of the whole event?
Actually, the entire event was great and all parts were interesting and fun, there is no specific favorite part.

Sebastian Denzel Supriyadi  S105                    Student Helper for Science lessons

Question 1. How do you feel about being a student helper for English in A Day@SST event ?
 I feel honoured to be a student helper and to help to show lessons to the juniors and potential juniors

Q2. Share with us what are some of the interesting experiences during the A Day@SST event?
Some of the interesting experiences were teaching the P6 students on how to use sketchup and I'm surprised that they were able to pick it up so quickly

Q3. If you had another chance to be a student helper again, what would you want to improve on?
I would work on my confidence in teaching the students.

Q4 What was your favourite part of the whole event?
My favourite part was seeing the juniors that might be in our school next year

Ng Ying Liang S101                                      Student Helper for English language

Question 1. How do you feel about being a student helper for English in A Day@SST event ?

I felt honored and surprised. As my english is very poor,I am surprised that my teacher chose me.Also being chosen to help out in this important occasion,I felt honored as I am only a Year 1 student in the school.

Q2. Share with us what are some of the interesting experiences during the A Day@SST event?
During the activities,there was once they need to create their own ringtone. However one of the group is very mischievous and took the default ringtone as their own by just moving around and deleting some parts. My friends and I found it amusing.

Q3. If you had another chance to be a student helper again, what would you want to improve on?
I would improve by making sure every students get the help they need as we had limited students helpers then since some of them went home earlier

Q4 What was your favourite part of the whole event?
My favourite part was to guide the students through the end using the iMac and also seeing the youngest iPhone app developer in the class I was helping^^

Interview and article done by Genevieve Foo S104 and Mavis Cheng S101

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SST's 2nd Track and Field Meet (Photos)

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Students getting ready for a race

Spectators watching the games in the stands

A determined student runs to complete the race

Teachers and Parents getting ready for their special event

Red House's representative with their inter-house champion trophy

Students playing an exciting "minigame"!

Teachers with their prizes

Teachers in their "special event"

Excited spectators watch the game from the stands

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

SST's 2nd Annual Track and Field Meet

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On 31st August 2011, SST held it’s 2nd Annual Track and Field Meet. The meet, held at the Clementi stadium, started off with the flag-rising and the recitation of the Athletes Oath under the lead of Eugene. All the students were standing according to their classes before being dispersed into their respective houses and the competitors for the events held on that day. 

A representative from each of the 5 houses ran in the torch relay with a genuine Olympic Torch, ending off with the representative from the red house, last year’s champion for the inter-house competition, to light the cauldron. Just before the lighting of the cauldron, a party popper  bursting had taken everyone by surprise, lifting the mood of the school. Mr Chua Chor Huat, principal of SST, released the first pistol shot with a loud bang, kicking off SST’s 2nd annual track and field meet. 

This year, there were quizzes announced in between the events for the school to response to. In order to submit their answers, the participants are required to send their answer to a number within 7 minutes and the fastest one with the correct answer was the winner. Among the quizzes, quiz question 3 and 6 were meant only for teachers and parents. 

The first event that took place was the 100m boys finals, followed by the 100m girls finals. Niklaus Teo (Red House) from 209 emerged as champion for the 100m boys final while Valery Tan (Black House) from 107 won the girls’ finals. Next up was the 800m Boys final with Jing Heng (Red House) from 208 as the champion. Prizes for the completed events including the field events and quiz winners was presented to the respective winners as they took to their places on the position podium after the first few events. 

The events commenced right after the prize presentation with the 200m boys final, 200m girls final and 400m boys final. Once again , Niklaus from 209 clinched the champion for the 200m boys event, with Yan Jin (Red House) from 203 winning the 200m girls and lastly, Kim Allen from 103 winning the 400m boys finals. Proceeding, the spectators were engaged in the Inter-House Game as each of the house groups have to keep the beach ball up in the air for as long as possible. 

After that Inter-House Game, the relay races began. The first two relay races that took place were the 4 X 100m Girls Final and 4 X 100m Boys Final. The red house team won the girls final and the yellow house clinching the champion for boys final after the disqualifying of the black and red house, where a runner had stepped out of the line. 

What’s up next? The games for the teachers have started! The teachers were required to bit on a straw and transfer a bunch of rubber bands from one end to the other for the first part of the games, followed by the teachers securing their shoes on hard plastic board with raffia strings, forming a line and do the “caterpillar” walk together to cross the finishing line. for the second part of the games. All the students crowded around the teachers and joined in the fun by cheering their teachers on. Finally, after the stumbles and tangles, the teachers made it to the finishing line. 

Next up, the relay races continue. The relay events were the 4 X 400m girls finals, 4 X 400m boys final and the Parent-Teacher-Staff 4 X 100m relay. For the 4 X 400m girls final, the Black House relay team clinched the championship, beating the Red House relay team by just 2 seconds! For the 4 X 400m boys final, the Red House relay team clinched the championship once again. And lastly, for the Parent-Teacher-Staff, Red House clinched championship. 

As the end of the meet was drawing closer, the winners of the inter-house competition were announced. Mr Lam Hin Chew took the microphone and invited Mr Chua to present the trophies. Mr Lam started by announcing the 3rd place winner, which was Green House. Green House members cheered for their house as the House Captain of Green House went up the the podium and received the third place trophy from Mr Chua. 

Next up, Mr Lam announced the 2nd place winner, which was Blue House. Louder cheers were heard from the Blue House members as their house captain went up to the podium and received the second place trophy. 

Finally, the tension is high as Mr Lam was about to announce the first place winners. Finally, Mr Lam announced the first place winners, which were Red House. Loud cheers erupted from the members and the House Captain went up to the podium and accepted the trophy from Mr Chua. 
At last, Mr Chua took the mic, gave a speech and officially ended the meet. 

Interviews with some of the winners:
Ho Yan Jin, Red House, 203. 
Question: How many trophies did you win? 
Answer: I won 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. 
Question: How do you feel after getting all these achievements?
Answer: Actually, before the race, I was very nervous as I wasn’t very confident for the run, so I was just hoping for the best. I don’t think that it’s the achievements that you get that matters, I think it’s the running. I find running very fun. So it’s just competing with your friends and even if you lose, you know where you stand so you know where you could improve better. 
Question: What is one word that you would use to describe the whole event?
Answer: Meaningful.

4 X 400m Girls Relay, Black House Team. 
Question: Did you win? (Before the official results were out) 
Answer: We are not sure we won. We just randomly formed a team and took part in this relay for fun. We didn’t expect to win.  

House Captain of Red House, Chio Jia Le, 209. 
Question: How do you feel after Red House won the inter-house competition once again?
Answer: I feel that we kind of expected Red House to win again. However, we did not let our guard down and held regular training for our individual events. 
Question: How would you ensure Red House wins the championship again next year?
Answer: As we are going to have 2 categories for next year, I will make sure each category’s competitors train hard for their event. And thus, we are guaranteed to win again next year. 

Red House 4 X 100m Parent-Teacher-Staff relay team. 
Question: How do you feel after the race? 
Answer: Quite tiring as I have not been running for a long time. (Mr Irfan) 
Question: Was there any goal(s) you wanted to achieve before you ran the race? 
Answer: The only goal was to have fun, not to win. 
Question: How well do you guys think you fared as a team? 
Answer: I think we did quite alright, despite the fact that we didn’t train at all. 

Article and interview done by: Mavis (101) and Genevieve. (104) 

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Teachers Day Class Party & Performance

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 Photo Montage

 S202 Class Photo
(50mins Class Party)
Students serving the teachers
(201 Class Party) 

 Teachers watching student performance
(205 Class Party)

Students playing Games with teachers
(209 Class Party)

Teachers watching "Teacher's Day Performance"

(Performance by Guitarists with Mdm Zuraida guessing the songs)

(Performance by Wushu Club members)

Performance by SST students

Students talking during performance

Students giving gifts to the teachers

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singapore Presidential Election

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Earlier this year, was the Singapore General Election. Now its the Singapore Presidential Election.
With all these Elections going on, the people of Singapore have a say.

Since President S.R. Nathan has decided not to go for re-election, 4 new candidates have decided to take part in this four-cornered fight to be president. 

They are Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Tan Jay See, Dr Tony Tan and Mr Tan Kin Lian.
Wonder about their background? Here's a summarized version.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock

Tan Cheng Bock. (2011, August 23). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 10:19, August 23, 2011, from

Dr Tan Chen Bock is a medical doctor by profession. He became a doctor in order to help the old folks whom needed the care for. He decided to enter politics to ‘be a voice for Singaporeans’. He has a strong belief in speaking up for the ‘common man’, he plans to implement policies that will allow for those who are financially unstable or the average household to make less losses, financial wise.
He is also urging the “Think Singaporeans First” policy to the parliament.

Mr Tan Jay See
Tan Jee Say. (2011, August 18). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 07:51, August 19, 2011, from
Aged 57 this year, Mr Tan Jee Say is a Singaporean corporate executive, politician and former civil servant.  During the 2011 General Elections, he was contesting under the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).After the elections,he resigned from the SDP to stand as a candidate in this election.
His logo is in the shape of a heart, following his campaign "Heart of the Nation"

Dr Tony Tan

Tony Tan Keng Yam. (2011, August 20). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 04:30, August 20, 2011, from
Aged 61 this year, Dr Tony Tan is a mathematician, banker and politician. He was also Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s first choice as the new PM, but declined the offer. 
His logo is a pair of spectacles and his campaign is titled "Confidence for the future"

Mr Tan Kin Lian

Tan Kin Lian. (2011, August 22). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 10:20, August 23, 2011, from

Mr Tan Kin Lian, former CEO of NTUC Income, is one of the presidential candidates for the Presidential Elections 2011. He was also the only candidate to speak in the four official languages in his nomination day speech: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. His main reason for running as a candidate is to be a voice of the people in the government.
His campaign is titled "Voice of the people"

How is this election going to turn out? Watch out for that on 27 August 2011.

Please note that this information is correct at the time of posting. Please let us know if there are any errors. All apologies for the errors occurred. Thank you.

Text by: Jerome, Justin, Genevieve and Cherin

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Monday, August 8, 2011

National Day Celebrations - August 8 2011

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On the 8th of August 2011, SST celebrates its second National Day Celebration. The performance kick start with a flag march in ceremony by SST's Singapore Youth Flying Club members, who brought in the national flag and placed it on the stage. Thereafter, it was the singing of the National Anthem.
Excited students clapping at the march in 

Principal Mr Chua Chor Huat then delivered the National Day message. The message highlighted some of Singapore's strengths and achievements over the years, and it serves as a reminder for us to move forward as one nation.

The funny game show made these students laugh and smile
Following the speech, the games commenced with the hosts of SST's very own "We are Singaporeans" game show making their appearance. Daniel Tan of S2-06 and Shakti of S2-02 were the host of the game show. They read out the main rules of the game: No cheating and the audience was not allowed to prompt the contestant with the answers if they knew. Then host Daniel began picking the contestants from the floor at "random", as he claims, and picked 3 students to partake in the quiz. The contestants had to choose the name of a teacher from the ones designated on the slide, and the chosen teacher would come forward and read out his/her question for the contestants to answer. The winner was decided after 5 questions and received a package of food as their reward.
"Ha ha, my teacher has been picked!"

The game show left this student deep in thought

Then came the "commercial break", an interesting video about how Singapore had overcome her problems in the past in order to become the best today. Some of the problems and issues addressed were housing problems, water problems, and tranportation in the past and present. Then came the Sing-along session with the Sec 2 NE Ambassadors with the song "We Will Get There", after which the 2 hosts returned and continued with their game show.
Singing along with the NE Ambassadors on stage

Student feeling happy that he was not picked for the game show
This time in the second part of the game, the stakes were upped a level when there are 6 new players, formed in groups of 2, that were newly selected by Daniel and Shakti. The questions also seemed to get tougher as for the first few questions, no one managed to get them right, in the end when all the questions were answered, everyone had the same number of points. The hosts came up with a quick tiebreaker, and the winner was chosen in the end, marking the end of the show for this year.

Next stop, the second video were footages of SST students and staff members wishing Singapore a happy birthday to the song "One People, One Nation, One Singapore". The NE committee gave out special SST funpacks containing a Singapore flag and the SST badge which had been made for the celebration, among other items. Armed with the national flag in their hands, everyone arose and sang to the tune of the next song for the sing-along, performed by Sec 1 NE Ambassadors.

A staff room... Drama club style! Performance on the Singapore Spirit
Afterward, there was a drama performance done by the SST Drama Club, based on this year's theme of "Majulah! The Singapore Spirit".

The drama club deserves the applause!
Amidst the humour of the performance, it taught us about the importance of the Singapore spirit and tries to define the term in the best way. Then, there was the performance by SST's show choir which performed the song "Where I Belong".

SST Show Choir 2 guitarists!
Finally, there was the placard presentation by each class and each of the school's teaching departments, each symbolising what the Singapore spirit meant to them. Then came the finale, the Sing along which included the students as well as the teachers, ending the day's performance.

But the day was not over yet. Everyone had to form into a heart shape in the centre of the hall and recite the Singapore pledge, sing the National Anthem, and a "Happy Birthday" song to Singapore.

The Pledge Taking Moment

In all, the celebration was a fantastic experience for everyone. Being the last celebration in SST's old campus and having to move to a new one next year, this celebration is going to be an unforgettable one.

Written by: Zhi Chao
Pictures by: Lee YuChong

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Racial Harmony Day (RHD) Celebrations @SST

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A racial community provides not only a sense of identity, that luxury of looking into another's face and seeing yourself reflected back, but a sense of security and support. -Wentworth Miller

On 21 July 2011, we had our annual Racial Harmony Day Celebration. The day started off with a beautiful and harmonious performance by our school’s own Guitar Ensemble CCA team. They played cultural songs such as “Bengawan Solo” to promote the harmony and between different people from different races in our multi-cultural society.

Performance by Guitar Ensemble
Photo taken by Clarabelle

Next up, we had a series of “Cat-walks” of our secondary one students dressed in self-made costumes to promote multi-racialism. These costumes were all part of a fashion costume design competition where each class will decorate their own representative with cloth and paper. 103 arose as the grand champion for this competition followed by runner-up 106 and in third place, 109.

In the midst of the “cat-walk”, we had a special cultural performance from Lai Ziying from class 201. She performed a sensational belly dance which “wow-ed” the audience. Not only did she incorporate multi-racialism in her dance, she also showed great attitude and feelings in her movements.

Performance by Lai Ziying from S201
Photo taken by Tan Keming

Next up, we had Wei Chern, Ethan and Abu, representing the Show Choir to perform a beautiful song from the 80‘s. This phrase sparked the inspiration in Paul McCartney to write this song,“black notes, white notes, and you need to play the two to make harmony, folks!” This piece of music is about the integration and racial harmony on a deeper level. Certainly, their magical talent in singing along with their tireless efforts put into this performance has impact our students. Well done!

Performance by Ethan, Wei Chern and Abu
Photo taken by Tan Keming

The prizes for the Kite Design and Poster design was then given out. For the kite design, 108 rose as champions followed by 107 then 103. For the Poster design, 202 turned out to be the champions followed by 207 then 205. Congratulations to all!

Last but not least, we had the “cream of the crop” left for the Grand Finale. Our teachers themselves wore traditional costumes of different races and countries to promote multi-cultures and multi-racialism. The teachers had their very own “cat-walk” down the aisle where all students were enjoying the moment.

After the concert, SST had it's annual Racial Harmony Day bazaar. Students from both levels gathered together to form a huge array of shops lining SST. The shops ranged from all sorts of creative games to food that suited even the sweetest of teeth. Students prepared their coupons and supported their favourite stalls.

S1-05's stall was a game stall which gave players to opportunity to hit an S105 member (or any other volunteer) with a soaked sponge. Thus began SST's first water fight with everyone joining in the fun. Everyone was drenched and some people even soaked the players by squeezing sponges over their heads for maximum effect!

Students in action at S105 stall
Photo taken by Clarabelle

S209's bubble tea stall was one of the most successful stores, quenching the thirst of everyone who needed the water. Soon almost everyone in SST could be seen with a cool glass of bubble tea.

One of the most unique stalls is the S208 stall. They sold out their popsicle sticks and decided to make as much profit as possible by selling ice. Yes, ordinary ice which they managed to sell very well, by carrying a huge box of ice around and giving people samples. Uses for the ice include: Running it down peoples' backs.

Overall the RHD bazaar was a great opportunity for students to learn the basics of business, and for the students to have fun. With stores which suited every need and everyone having fun, this is truly a Racial Harmony Day to remember!

Written by: Calvin Heng and Justin Lim