Sunday, October 20, 2013

Farewell Ceremony 2013

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On 11th of October 2013, the SST community said farewell to its very first batch of Secondary 4 students. The Farewell Assembly was held as it was the last school day for the Sec 4s, and also to wish them all the best for their upcoming O-Levels, then only a mere 1 week away.

The event started with a bang, with the beaming Sec 4s walking down the red carpet in the multi-purpose hall, while the other students gave them a warm round of applause. This was then followed by the National Anthem and the National Pledge. After everyone has settled into their seats, a photo montage began to play, highlighting key events of the Sec 4s' journey in SST. There were numerous photos, from Sec 4 students attending prestigious international events to their daily lives in school. At the end, the montage also showcased some of the teachers who have stuck with the Sec 4s through the thick and thin in their 4 years here. The Sec 4s laughed at some pictures, and gave a murmur of approval at others.

Afterwards, the Principal of SST, Mr Chua, started the main part of the ceremony by delivering a short address, emphasizing on how the Sec 4s, the school's pioneer batch, overcame the many obstacles in their way and being the trailblazers of the school. Finally, he also mentioned that he hopes the Sec 4s will make the school proud in their O-Levels.

Then, each Sec 4 class was individually brought up on stage. Their form and co-form teachers first gave a short but touching speech about their classes. Some teachers talked about the class spirit, others talked about their cheerful attitudes, but there was one thing all the teachers said in common - that they would remember their classes for the rest of their lives. After the teachers' speeches, each student was presented with a Graduation Memento by Mr Chua. Some students decided to take it a step further with their silly antics during their photograph with the Principal, which the rest of the student population roared with laughter in response. This segment would definitely be etched in the Sec 4s' minds in many years to come.


 Next, the Valedictorian of the cohort, Cheng Zhi Chao of class S405, came up to give his speech. He thanked his family, friends, teachers and fellow schoolmates for supporting him throughout his journey in SST. He also highlighted key moments while here at SST. His inspiring and thought
provoking speech definitely motivated students and teachers alike.


Next, there was a series of performances by our very own students. There were performances by our school's very own Show Choir, as well as other students such as the Wei Chern and Aisyah, both Sec 4s. Abu, another Sec 4, also led the school in the singing of another song.

Finally, the Ceremony was concluded with the entire school singing our School Song, as well as our School Cheers, which was led by the Student Council and the Peer Support Board.

This touching but euphoric event was sure one to remember for the Sec 4s as well as the rest of the SST community.

Written By: Jiajun

Friday, October 18, 2013

I&E Bazaar 2013

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On 17 of October 2013, SST held its annual I&E Bazaar. The I&E Bazaar is an event whereby the lower secondary level sets up various booths selling items ranging from food and snacks to goods and xbox games to put what they have learnt from the I&E lessons to use. Students learnt how to manage a booth, the finances and decide on their products. Each lower secondary class had a maximum of 2 booths. Booths selling food and drinks were set up in the canteen while gaming booths were placed in the atrium. To advertise their stalls, students hung up colourful and attractive posters and banners all over the school, featuring their very own stalls. On that day, the canteen was bustling with a joyous, free and relaxed atmosphere.

Class S104 had a game stall. The game is such that a player would have to spin a wheel with 5 categories on it. The prizes included candies, stationery sets, origami penguins and a special gift for the graduating batch. A number of people brought their own polaroids and charged around $2 for each picture taken. Students could be seen taking pictures of each other for commemoration. Classes providing polaroid picture taking services made quite a good profit as a result.

Class S202 set up a stall featuring the season's hottest game which attracted a long row of eager participants. Participants would team up in a group of four to play the xbox game. This year, a vast number of our pioneer batch came back to school to participate in this special event, bringing with them their Digital Single Lens Deflect cameras. They were seen taking pictures with their juniors to commemorate their stay in SST. Unlike previous I&E Bazaars, this event had a special touch to it as it would be the last year that the pioneer batch would be with the school. It was more or less the last farewell event. 

The Bazaar ended off at eleven-thirty in the morning. The students finished packing up by twelve in the afternoon. All in all, it was a fantastic experience to every student who participated. Being the last Bazaar with the pioneer batch , this is indeed an unforgettable event.