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Post-Examination Activities 2014

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Every year, the school organises a variety of year-end post examination learning activities for all students. This year 2014, Secondary 3 students were given a series of exciting activities to have fun with their friends after the stressful examinations. These activities include dragon boating, golf, workshops and presentations. 

On 8th October, Wednesday, the Secondary 3 students had an opportunity to indulge in sports that are not available as co-curricular activities in school. They either went to dragon boating or golf according to their choices made beforehand. Dragon Boating was held at Kallang Sea Sports Centre, while golf was held at Executive Golf Course & Driving Range. Through these two sports, students got to mix with students from other classes as they form teams to play the sport. Needless to say, Dragon Boating requires teamwork and it was definitely a challenge to work with others, whom one have not worked with. It was also a great chance to discover new hobbies and things about oneself. On the other hand, golf was also much enjoyed by the students as they learnt about this new sport. 
Students listening to a briefing by the Dragon Boating instructor
On 13th October, Monday, it was the annual Inter House games. It was the day when the 5 different houses competed against one another in different sports. These sports include floorball, basketball, frisbee, soccer. It was definitely exciting to see everyone taking part actively in the sports with sportsmanship and teamwork. Through this, the students got to understand the importance of sportsmanship and at the same time, got to participate actively to win points for their house. It was a close fight between the houses as they were just a few points away!

On 17th October, Friday, the teachers designed a Study Skills Workshop specially for the Secondary 3 students. It included different techniques of learning, which includes mindmapping, Cornell notetaking. This helped to prepare the Secondary 3 students for the intensive studying next year, so that they will be able to grasp information more efficiently and effectively. It is not too late to start now! 
Secondary 3 students finding out their learning styles
On 23rd October, Thursday, it marked the last assembly of the year. It was also a farewell tribute to Principal Mr Chua Chor Huat, who will be posted back to Ministry of Education with effect from 15th December 2014. Firstly, emcees Qadirah Baw and Metta Ni started the ceremony by addressing the school community. After that, there were great performances by students. Dawn Lim and Sean Lim performed ‘A Thousand Miles’, while Kenric Tan did a free style dance to the song ‘Catgrove’. Next up, staff and students delivered their message to Mr Chua. HOD, Special Projects, Miss Loh Kwai Yin presented on behalf of all teachers, while Millie Thng presented the message on behalf of the pioneer batch 2013. Mr Chua was then presented with tokens of appreciation from the students, the Pioneer Batch 2013, the Student Council, ADMT Department together with Vice Prinicpal, Mrs Chew and Vice-Principal, Mr Vincent Tan. To end it off, Mr Chua gave his closing address to the school community. As usual, the ceremony ended with the School Song, as Mr Chua sang it with the school for the very last time.  
Mr Chua singing the school song with the school for the last time
“Thank you once again to all the staff, students and parents (past & present) for making my stay in SST a very memorable one. Collectively, we have built a great learning community and I am confident that it will continue to prosper under the able leadership of Mr Hoe Wee Meng. My wish for the school would be for the staff and students to continue to do our level best (and beyond) to make SST a great place for learning and growth! Take care...” - Mr Chua Chor Huat 

On 24 October, Friday, it was School Parent Meeting and Celebrations of Learning. It was SST first year to have Celebrations of Learning. It was the day for students to showcase their work to staff and parents and also a chance to appreciate the efforts by other students. Secondary 3 students’ works were displayed at the Indoor Sports Hall. Each class were designated to 2 subjects. Each class sent out representatives to present their work to the parents. Parents participated in this by voting for the best presentations in the level. S303, S308 and S304 were the top three scoring classes that receive the Best Presentation Award for Secondary 3.  
Jericho from S306 presenting about Physics to parents
Written by: Chew Yunhui (S308)


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