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Outdoor Education Expedition 2014

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From 16th October to 17th October and 20th October to 21st October, SST organized an outdoor expedition for all the Secondary 2 students. Secondary 2 classes were split into two large groups. Classes S201 to S205 went on the 16th October while classes S206 to S209 went on 20th October.

The students participating in the Outdoor Expedition Camp were split into their respective houses, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black and they would be trekking to Diary farm. To ensure safety, a teacher would accompany the group. Then, they were further split into smaller groups of around 4 people each and each group was to share 1 tent.

The expedition then started as the school arranged transport for the students, taking them to MacRitchie Reservoir Park. After they reached the place, the teachers conducted a briefing and told them the task which they needed to complete. Firstly, students of each house were then split into 2 smaller groups. Picture cards were issued and the task given was to find the places on the cards and then taking a picture of that place. After taking the picture, the group needs to show it the teacher for verification. Afterwards, they would proceed to complete the next picture card. The time given for each task is 15 minutes.

Blue House group starting their expedition
The house that won that particular task would get a head start for their trek to Diary Farm. During the entire trek, there were checkpoints and even bonus checkpoints! The students stopped at a checkpoint for lunch. They were required to count the number of prints on the floor at a certain area before they can move on to the next checkpoint. On top of that, there were also tasks to complete so that the group could earn points at certain checkpoints. Some of these tasks included knot tying.

Black House group working together to complete a checkpoint
Yellow House group after completing a different checkpoint
Most houses reached Dairy Farm at about 6pm. After they arrived, the tent groups start to cook their dinner. After everyone finished their dinner, they washed their own dishes. After that, the students cleaned themselves up with wet cloth or powder. Then, each tent group was given a tent to set up.

Green House group has reached the campsite
Red House group having their dinner after a long day of trekking
After the tents were set up, the students went into their tents and slept. At approximately 2am, they were woken up for the night-walk. They walked to an open area to find the ‘missing’ utensils. After the utensils were found, the students went back to their tents to sleep. 

The following day, everyone trekked back to school from Dairy Farm together.

Written by: Shirley Low (S208)


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