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I&E Bazaar 2014

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On 9 October 2014, SST organized its I&E Bazaar that involved Secondary 1s (games station), Secondary 2s (food and drinks) and lastly Secondary 3s (DIY items/bookmarks/notebooks). The students would then buy from the various stalls, generating revenue and profits that would be donated to various charities and our class funds (50% respectively).

For the Secondary 1s, they organized fun and exciting games; with attractive prizes involved too! There were games such as 'Pillow Fight', 'Tic-Tac-Throw' and many others. These games helped students to bond with their friends and allowing the students to enjoy themselves after months of hard work for their End-Of-Year.

As for the Secondary 2s, they sold food items such as Nasi Lemak, Bee Hoon, egg tarts, polar cakes, curry puffs, Oreo biscuits, Mcmuffins, soft drinks etc. It was the highlight of the bazaar as all the stores in the canteens were closed and the only source of food during the day was from those stalls. At the end of the day, most of the items from each stall were sold out due to the overwhelming business they had received. This meant more revenue and profits for the groups, which will result in more money donated to the various organisations.

Lastly, Secondary 3s were able to come up with their own ideas for the booth. There were a variety of ideas for the booths; including temporary tattoos, DIY items (notebooks, dream catchers, bookmarks, keychains), gaming stalls (X-box- Halo 3 etc) and many others! One of the most interesting and creative stall was ‘String Surprise’, which required students to pull various strings and in the process, the students would actually draw up their own prize. Stalls that attracted the crowd were the ‘Photo Booth’ and ‘Halo 3 gaming station’ where students were able to capture the memories from the I&E Bazaar, as well as interact and have fun with their friends.

Not forgetting the Secondary 4s, they also had a part in the bazaar too! As they have to study for their upcoming O-Levels, they only participated during their recess. They had fun as they went from stall to stall to savour the food and try out some of the games by the Secondary 1s! It was a great experience that marked the last few moments of their SST journey.

Overall, the I&E Bazaar was a success and it has not only benefitted the students but also the various organisations. This bazaar is not only just a day to bring out our creative ideas on what to sell, but also a day to appreciate what we have and give to others.

Written by:
Johanna Lim (S209)


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