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Graduation Ceremony 2014

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“Appreciate the culture here - the staff and the friends here. Take what you learn here and grow as you continue the journey,” said Kimberly Ong, an alumni from the pioneer batch, to the Class of 2014 at SST’s second Graduation Ceremony.

The Secondary 4 Graduation Ceremony was held on Friday, 10th October, with the theme: “Here we start our journey...” The principals, teachers, graduating students and their parents gathered in the Multi-Purpose Hall in celebration of the growth that the students have undergone throughout their 4-year journey in SST. The Secondary 3 students were also present to witness the occasion. 
Parents, teachers and students gathered to witness the occasion
When the event began, after the introduction by the emcees, the students of the Class of 2014 made their grand entrance with a march-in as the audience congratulated them with a warm applause. After the students were seated, Mr Chua gave his opening address. He reflected on the years that have passed and how the students and the school have grown. Ending off his speech, he gave the graduating students a final “performance task” - writing words of encouragement to their juniors on the T-shirt shaped cards in their goodie bags. He also shared his message to the Class of 2014, thanking them for their contributions as SST students and their future contributions as SST alumni.
The graduating batch of students completing their final performance task
Next, the first class video was shown. The video gave a lovely and humorous insight into the shared memories of S4-02 and the best moments during their time together. 

Following that, the graduating students were individually presented their final progress reports by Mr Chua. Before each class went up on stage, the form teachers of each class were invited on stage to make a short speech about their experience as the form teacher of the class and to say a farewell message to their class.
A group photo of class S4-06
The second class video was then shown. This showed the experiences of class S4-07 and the ups and downs throughout the 2 years they had spent together. 

Subsequently, the Top Student of 2014 was revealed. It was Ho Zong Han of S4-03. First, the form teacher of S4-03, Ms Lim Ching Ching, was invited on stage once again to introduce the valedictorian of the Class of 2014, speaking about his skills in academic and leadership, as well as his “unassuming character and willingness to help others”. Next, Zong Han gave his valediction and talked about their shared experiences, highlighting their time in the old campus of SST and the unique programmes that they had been given the opportunity to participate in, such as the Global Citizenship Programme and Outward Bound Singapore. He concluded his valediction by thanking the parents and teachers and wishing the graduating students success in their future endeavors. 
Ho Zong Han, S4-03, giving his valedictory speech
Two students from the pioneer batch of SST were then invited on stage to share about the journey ahead. Kimberly Ong, now in Singapore Polytechnic, shared about how life in a polytechnic was like, emphasising the need for self-discipline and how SST has helped her in collaboration and presentations even in her tertiary education. Bryan Goh, now in National Junior College, talked about his hectic lifestyle in a junior college and how SST has taught him the competencies and values to excel and stand out from the rest.
Alumni Bryan Goh and Kimberly Ong speaking to their juniors
The final class video was then shown. This was produced by S4-08, depicting the special moments that they have shared and the class culture that they had built up. It was heartwarming to watch as the students spoke about the journey with their class and how they will treasure their time together.

After that, it was time for some performances by students from the Class of 2014. The first performance was a solo piece by Ng Kai Chek, who performed Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton. The second performance was a duet by Mark Tay and Rhea Chatterjee. The two of them sang Count on Me by Bruno Mars while Rhea played the guitar. This song is about friendship and the bonds that they had forged over the years. The audience was also encouraged to join in with the lyrics found on their programme sheets. This display of talent showcased how the batch of students excelled in a wide variety of areas, from academics and sports to music.
                                                                                                                      Ng Kai Chek singing Tears in Heaven
Rhea Chatterjee and Mark Tay singing Count on Me

Finally, the ceremony ended as all the students and members of the audience rose to sing the school song. The Peer Support Leaders and Student Councillors then went up on stage to lead the school in carrying out the school cheer.

All of us would certainly like to wish the graduating batch of seniors all the best for their upcoming GCE O Level Examinations. To the Class of 2014, we hope you will strive for the best in all your future endeavors and all the best in whatever path you choose to pursue!