Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food Donation Drive

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Food Donation Drive
-by Abu Ubaidah

Flyers, such as these, were distributed by students to the residents of Clementi
On the 9th and 27th of December 2011, SST students helped out in a community involvement project that was organized by the students as well. The community involvement project was targeted at the residents of Clementi basically and it was for an organization known as Food From The Heart(FFTH), which is an organization that helps the underprivileged people namely in Singapore.

Students who were present on the 9th of December helped distribute flyers with information and details about the food donation drive that SST was holding. It's purpose was to propose to the residents to donate non perishable food items such as rice, canned food, oil, and more of such goods. The good turn up of students allowed all the distribution of flyers to be less of a hassle for the students who went door to door to place flyers and the day ended earlier than planned for the goodhearted students who turned up.

Requesting residents for donations for ultimately a good cause
On the 27th December, There was a greater turnup of students and they were divided into different sectors to collect food items from door to door. The great show of students once again made everything easier than expected and everyone finished their duties earlier than planned. The kind people of the Clementi community donated a lot of food items indeed, some caring souls even donated many heavy sacks of rice and there were some elderly who'd give whatever that was in their hands too!

This community involvement project wouldn't have been possible without the students who planned it and without the people who signed themselves up to help out in this project. Community involvement (Caring and Sharing for society) indeed comes from the heart, and seeing that many people from SST freed their time for such events, I must comment that students from SST have very big hearts. I'm sure many people would have benefited from the good deeds that SST as a community has brought to the bigger society. In the future if we kept this up, we could also fulfill our goals of being A Globally Connected Institution of Science and Technology. Let us hope and pray that we have all helped someone less fortunate than us by involving ourselves in activities that support the community.


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