Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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On the 3rd November 2011, SST held a inter-class competition for the Secondary 2s. All 9 classes came up with 2 School cheers each and pitted their cheers against each other. With their hard work, the Sec 2s came up with marvelous cheers! Congratulations to the classes who qualified as the top 3:

1st - S2-02
2nd - S2-09
3rd - S2- 06

Best song Lyrics- S2-05:
SST all the way,
We'll fight fight fight, come what may
} x3

Hey you~ We'll rule the day
We'll be on top and show the way
SST is here to stay
Hey, Listen to what I've got to say

Don't put us to the test,
Cos we're king of the west,
We'll dominate the rest,
SST's the best


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