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Racial Harmony Day (RHD) Celebrations @SST

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A racial community provides not only a sense of identity, that luxury of looking into another's face and seeing yourself reflected back, but a sense of security and support. -Wentworth Miller

On 21 July 2011, we had our annual Racial Harmony Day Celebration. The day started off with a beautiful and harmonious performance by our school’s own Guitar Ensemble CCA team. They played cultural songs such as “Bengawan Solo” to promote the harmony and between different people from different races in our multi-cultural society.

Performance by Guitar Ensemble
Photo taken by Clarabelle

Next up, we had a series of “Cat-walks” of our secondary one students dressed in self-made costumes to promote multi-racialism. These costumes were all part of a fashion costume design competition where each class will decorate their own representative with cloth and paper. 103 arose as the grand champion for this competition followed by runner-up 106 and in third place, 109.

In the midst of the “cat-walk”, we had a special cultural performance from Lai Ziying from class 201. She performed a sensational belly dance which “wow-ed” the audience. Not only did she incorporate multi-racialism in her dance, she also showed great attitude and feelings in her movements.

Performance by Lai Ziying from S201
Photo taken by Tan Keming

Next up, we had Wei Chern, Ethan and Abu, representing the Show Choir to perform a beautiful song from the 80‘s. This phrase sparked the inspiration in Paul McCartney to write this song,“black notes, white notes, and you need to play the two to make harmony, folks!” This piece of music is about the integration and racial harmony on a deeper level. Certainly, their magical talent in singing along with their tireless efforts put into this performance has impact our students. Well done!

Performance by Ethan, Wei Chern and Abu
Photo taken by Tan Keming

The prizes for the Kite Design and Poster design was then given out. For the kite design, 108 rose as champions followed by 107 then 103. For the Poster design, 202 turned out to be the champions followed by 207 then 205. Congratulations to all!

Last but not least, we had the “cream of the crop” left for the Grand Finale. Our teachers themselves wore traditional costumes of different races and countries to promote multi-cultures and multi-racialism. The teachers had their very own “cat-walk” down the aisle where all students were enjoying the moment.

After the concert, SST had it's annual Racial Harmony Day bazaar. Students from both levels gathered together to form a huge array of shops lining SST. The shops ranged from all sorts of creative games to food that suited even the sweetest of teeth. Students prepared their coupons and supported their favourite stalls.

S1-05's stall was a game stall which gave players to opportunity to hit an S105 member (or any other volunteer) with a soaked sponge. Thus began SST's first water fight with everyone joining in the fun. Everyone was drenched and some people even soaked the players by squeezing sponges over their heads for maximum effect!

Students in action at S105 stall
Photo taken by Clarabelle

S209's bubble tea stall was one of the most successful stores, quenching the thirst of everyone who needed the water. Soon almost everyone in SST could be seen with a cool glass of bubble tea.

One of the most unique stalls is the S208 stall. They sold out their popsicle sticks and decided to make as much profit as possible by selling ice. Yes, ordinary ice which they managed to sell very well, by carrying a huge box of ice around and giving people samples. Uses for the ice include: Running it down peoples' backs.

Overall the RHD bazaar was a great opportunity for students to learn the basics of business, and for the students to have fun. With stores which suited every need and everyone having fun, this is truly a Racial Harmony Day to remember!

Written by: Calvin Heng and Justin Lim


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