Thursday, July 14, 2011

Racial Harmony Day performance

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On Thursday, 14 July, in collaboration with Racial Harmony Day, SST invited the performers from ‘White Rice’ for an enjoyable and humorous skit on the importance of Racial Harmony . Not only that , SST was also joined by students and Educators from RDFZ Xishan School (人大附中西山学校 ). Filling into the school hall , they were welcomed by the loud applause of the SST student body and staff. After a quick speech by one of the educators and two of the student representatives, the performance commenced promptly. The skit conjured up a joyful atmosphere as there were plenty of laughs throughout . The positive messages , such as to not making fun of people from other races , conveyed through comical ways , will definitely stay in the student’s mind in a long time to come.
Be sure to catch the Racial Harmony Day concert as well the Racial Harmony day Bazaar happening next Thursday !



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