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Teacher's Day celebration

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eacDuring the few days before teacher’s day, HTD FM, run by Mayur, Harsh, Shamus & Shakti was played on the radio during Lunch every day, providing a platform for students to be able to dedicate songs and messages to teachers. Also, students were putting in all their effort while preparing the performance items to showcase to the teachers during the Teacher’s Day celebration itself.

On 31 August 2010, we celebrated our first ever Teacher’s Day celebration in SST. Our Teacher’s Day celebration started off with our principal, Mr Chua giving us the Teacher’s Day message,

Mr Chua giving the Teacher's Day message.

followed by Preston, from S1-09 giving an appreciation message to the teachers on behalf of the students .

S1-01 kick-started the student’s own performances with Zi Ying, Sher Li and Shamus dressed up as angels to sing ‘听老师的话’ (Listen to your teacher’s words) a remix to ‘听妈妈的话’ (Listen to your mother’s words).

1-01's performance where they dressed up as angels to sing.

Then S1-02 danced and sang their way through hip-hop music --‘Somebody to love’ by Justin Bieber as well as a surprise act done by Abilash and Hao En to present a message and a rose to their Form Teacher, Ms Seah Yen Sin.

S1-03 then showcased a video -- a literal trailer. For those who would like to view the trailer again. Enjoy!

After the trailer, S1-04 showcased a compilation of video messages written by students from various classes to the teachers.

After that, S1-07 presented a simple dance performance item while dedicating a song, ‘Stand by me’.

S1-08 continued by showcasing a video drama re-enacting the worst of what a teacher goes through--students bad behavior along with a photo montage of the teachers.
S1-08's video drama

This was followed by S1-09 performing a Radio DJ skit, making the crowd burst out laughing half-way through the skit.
Hardy & Yu Chong--the stars of the S1-09's Radio DJ skit

Last but not least, ending off the students performances for the teachers, S1-06 showcased a dedication video to the teachers followed by a group of 4 singers sang ‘You raise me up’ as a dedication to the teachers.

The students standing up to sing Wings Beneath My Wings to the teachers.

The students presenting the teachers their gifts.

Students were then invited to give their gifts and thanks to the teachers, leaving the teachers more than a handful of gifts to carry back to the staffroom. Parents for SST has also created a Teacher's Survival Kit for the Teachers which was given later at the Staff Appreciation Dinner. The Teacher's Survival Kit consist of the following items.

1. Aspirin: When all else fails, take two and have a timeout.
2. Band-Aid: For when things get rough
3. Paper clip: For when you need help holding things together
4. Peanuts: To remind you to be a little nutty sometimes.
5. Hershey kisses: For when you need hugs and kisses
6. Crayons: To colour everyday bright and cheery
7. Puzzle: Because you are a big piece of out child's life
8. Marbles: To replace those you lose from time to time
9. Rubber bands: To remind you to be flexible
10. Mint: You are worth a mint!

After all the performances are over, there was a bonding session where students challenged the teachers to a game of Captain’s ball. Each game, lasting 5 minutes, had 7 people from each class playing against 5 teachers. But this game, has a twist, when a female player scores the team get 2 points instead of the usual 1 point per score.

Surprisingly, the teams did not have many girls playing.

Some students "hanging out" to get a better view of the action.

The match started off with S1-01 playing against the teachers, beating the teachers with a score of 10:8, which was quite a close match with Mr Chua, Mrs Chiew and Mr Soh playing in that round. But tables turned when S1-02 was playing against the teachers, bringing the total score to 4: 24, especially when the teachers had Mr Glenn Wong as their best catcher.

Sprits weren't lifted as the students still have not managed to beat the teachers in the subsequent matches with S1-03 and S1-04 playing, but at the end of the match with S1-05 playing, with the total score being 51:67, the teachers decided to be kindhearted enough to allow 2 points when every boy scores and 3 points when every girl scores.
This turned the tables around for the students.

So the game went on with 10:5 for the match with S1-06 playing, until the total scores were almost tied at 76:77 after the match with S1-07 playing. A slight disappointment was seen when the teachers bounce back during the match with S1-08 playing bringing the total score to 85:87. It was up to S1-09 to decide who will win the match.
The students from S1-09 and teachers playing a friendly handball match.

S1-09 did not disappoint as they wowed the crowd with their amazing tactics and won the whole round with a total score of 113:97, therefore the students won the challenge of Captain’s Ball, but it was all in a name of good fun.

The teachers definitely have such good tactics and skill, some students even stayed back after dismissal at 10:30am to play another round against the teachers.

Teachers and students alike were definitely enjoying their teacher’s day celebration. The first ever teachers day certainly impressed the teachers.

To all the teachers, Happy Teacher’s Day!

The whole Teacher's Day celebration

Text by Cherin
Edited by Ms Seah


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