Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Applied Physics Workshop @ Ngee Ann

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Applied Physics Workshop

For this workshop,we had to convert gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy and let the specimen,ping pong ball, roll down in the slowest timing.We had to use the only the items provided by them to make a structure which can slow the ball for the longest timing.We also had seen some of the people from S.O.E (school of engineering) presenting their structure and some of us had learn or gain a few tips from them.Our goal was to have the longest time to reach the base of the structure without the ball stopping.

The materials given were
1. Blue tack
2. 2 rolls of thin masking tape
3. 20 straws
4. 60 satay sticks
5. 2 boards
6. vanguard sheet

We had two hours or so to do the structure.During the time everybody was busily building the structure,all were trying to figure out a way to slow down the ball, cutting strips of straws and satay sticks,making the structure filled with 'bumps' and making it as tall as possible.While after that,we went back to do our trail run.Everybody was rushing for time as they prepared their structure and made last minute changes.Finally it was time to compete.Everyone looked and waited for the result.And finally,the results were out.In first place for the first day,the winning group was group 19.


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