Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting to know your new teachers - Miss Magdelene Sng

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In the new school year, a batch of new teachers have entered SST and be part of the SST family. However, what are their thoughts about us? 
So here is an interview segment with two of our new teachers, Mr Yeo and Miss Sng. 

Miss Magdelene Sng has joined SST as an English Language teacher. Her hobbies includes running, rollerblading and surfing the net. She enjoys having a chat over a cup of coffee with her friends.

Q: What is your opinion of SST students compared to other previous(if any) school's students?

Ms Sng: Students here are definitely more tech-savvy. They are also more well-behaved and innocent and there is not as much discipline cases as the schools I have seen previously. However, I find that students are not as resilient as many of them are sheltered heavily.

Q: What made you join teaching as your career?

Ms Sng: Before I came to teach, I spent a lot of time working in the corporate sector and there was once I have to rush a project overnight and went to sleep at 8 in the morning yet I have to get back at 12 noon. It was a lot of time spent and I might as well spend the same time on living things(human beings) like teaching. It's more meaningful that way.

Q: How do you feel about being in a new school with a different kind of learning experience?
    Ms Sng: It feels too good to be true! I knew that I have a lot to learn here and has been eagerly attending loads of workshops.

    Q:  Has SST students impacted you in any way? Please share your experience(s).

    Ms Sng: I feel motivated to teach again, and students here really want to learn and are willing to give more. I feel passionate about teaching again.

    Ms Sng currently has a Degree in English Language and Socialogy. She has also completed NIE training.


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