Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting to know your new teachers - Mr Thomas Yeo

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In the new school year, a batch of new teachers have entered SST and be part of the SST family. However, what are their thoughts about us? 
So here is an interview segment with two of our new teachers, Mr Yeo and Miss Sng. 

Mr Thomas Yeo has joined the SST family as a math teacher and is also a teacher mentor for Media Club CCA. He has taught perviously in schools like Woodlands Secondary. He plays computer games(PS3 and Xbox) and board games in his free time.

Q: How do you find SST so far?

Mr Yeo: I find it fun. Students here are very vocal and like to ask a lot of questions. I have realised I knew so little compared to the students and I'm still learning from them. They have impacted me positvely.

Q:  What made you decide to come to SST/teach students?

Mr Yeo: I was attracted to the tech-savvy environment like the learning devices as I am a tech-savvy person myself so I like to use technology to teach.

Q: As a teacher, what are your qualifications?

Mr Yeo: I have a degree in Computer Engineering and also a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education.

Q: What kind of qualities do you want to find in students?

Mr Yeo: I feel that students must be able to be willing to learn and willing to try. They also have to put in effort in whatever they do.

Mr Yeo has also claimed himself as a shopaholic and have more clothes and shoes than his wife!


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