Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting to know your new teachers - Miss Evelyn Teo

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Q) Why did you choose to come to SST?
A) Prior to joining SST, I was lecturing at National Institute of Education (NIE). At NIE, I was teaching trainee teachers, mainly on the use of inquiry in their lessons. My teaching experiences at NIE and as well as in Integrated Programme (IP) schools will certainly aid me in my teaching at SST.

Q) Is there anything you especially like about this school?
A) The small class size and the integration of ICT during curriculum time.

Q) Are you comfortable with SST’s different way of learning and teaching with an LD?
A) I am certainly comfortable and thrill with the use of LD at SST. I feel that LD is not only an useful device for learning by the students, it also allows students to gain new knowledge through the availability of information on the internet as well as collaboration with their peers with the use of various software and Google sites or groups.

Q) Is there anything you think the school can improve on?
A) The school can have more collaboration between the stakeholders like the community and the parents.
Q) Do you think the new campus this year provides a conducive learning environment?
A) The new campus certainly provides a conducive learning environment with the availability of air-conditioned classrooms and the well-equipped laboratories specially catered for the different sciences.

Q) How do you usually teach?
A) I usually teach with the use of LD and student-centered activities. I feel that pedagogy used in teaching must value-add students in their learning.  

Q) Do you think anything can be done so that learning can be done more efficiently?
A) Instructions for any activities must be clear and disseminated at the beginning. Students must also do their part in order for learning to be efficient.

Q) Where do you think is a good learning environment in SST, other than the classrooms?
A) Lecture theatres, various science laboratories, the ecogarden and ecopond.

Q) What applied subjects in SST are you interested in and why?
A) Biotechnology and Environmental Science. These two subjects are only unique to SST and it is a collaboration between Ngee Ann Polytechnic and SST. With the knowledge and skills gained for the two subjects, it will give SST students an edge over others in their pursue of higher education and careers in the future.

Q) Do you think the school is on the correct path to achieve its mission, which is ‘To Develop World-ready and Future-looking Leaders through Innovative Technology and Applied Learning.’ ?
A) With the well-planned curriculum and the implementation of new initiatives, it is on the correct path to achieve its mission.

Q) How long have you been teaching and where were you teaching before coming to SST?
A) I have been teaching for more than 12 years. I was teaching at mainstream schools for the first six years and thereafter an IP school. I was lecturing at NIE before coming to SST.


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