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Congratulations NEMation!

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Recently, the results for NEMation, an annual animation competition, were announced at West ITE. A total of 13 student supporters had went to the event to support SST's team: Dreamation. Dreamation had got into the top 10 of NEMation 6, and were now competing for first place. After a long period of hard work and waiting, the results were released and Dreamation achieved Second Place!

Dreamation comprised of four students: Kok Yin (Leader), Jing Heng, Ren Chang, Celine.
NEMation had the students working hard during the December Holidays on their final product, and when it was finally released, voting begun.
SST students encouraged each other to vote for Dreamation, and at the end Dreamation managed to snag second place!

Being their first time animating and the school's first team to get into the top 10, they were overwhelmed with excitement.
Interview with Leader of Dreamation, Kok Yin:

1. How do you feel about winning the place of 1st runner up?
Kind of disappointing as we wished to aim for the first place but I am also happy. For a
small school like us, to be able to get 1st runner up right when we participated for the first
time ever. LOLOL.

2. What were your thoughts before the results were announced?
When we knew that we were either champions or 1st runner up, I was trembling. Super
nervous. I walked forward slowly and had to take deep breaths in order to stop myself from

3. Is there anything that you guys feel that you could have done better or improved on?
Our art. I feel that our art isnʼt as nice. If we drew it nicer, we could have won

4. Would you join N.E.Mation 7 this year?
Yes if I am able to find a team

Once again, Congratulations to Dreamation for achieving 1st runner up in the competition. And also, congratulations to the other schools who have worked equally hard on their animation projects.
Here is a link, to the results video: Results Video!


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