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SST Student Congress 2014

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On 21st May 2014, SST organised its second annual Student Congress Day. This day is commemorated as it will be a day where SST students will be allowed to express their opinions freely on the given topic.
The day started off with a talk given by the volunteers of a community service project. They told us about their story and how young teenagers were also involved, bringing happiness to others. Other than that, they spoke about the qualities of being a good service leader. Some qualities that were mentioned were passion, determination etc. Shortly after that, we were dismissed to our class for the first official activity. 

When we assembled in class, the Student Councillors and Peer Support Board Leaders were setting up their Macbooks and they started the Student Congress with this question; “What is advocacy?” There was much buzz in the class and this brought us to a lively and good start.

Thereafter, we were introduced to the ways we could classify our problems; Environmental, Socio-Emotional etc. We were then split into four groups for a discussion and brainstorming of problems that were happening in SST. We were told to further elaborate on the problem using the 5W1H thinking process. Discussing the problem also led to potential solutions. It was then further categorised into what kind of solution it was based on the KISS framework ; Keep / Improve / Start / Stop. Afterwards, we proceeded to the next part of Student Congress.  

As a class, we chose the best problem and started working on it. Lastly, there was a topic which was, “How can your class be more bonded?” Using a butcher-paper, we then brainstormed our ideas and thought of answers like class outing, watching a movie etc. It was a great day but that was not all. The final part of the event occurred at the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH), where we held our closing ceremony.

In the ISH, representatives from the four levels expressed their opinions about SST and how they found the Student Congress so far. Mr Lim then closed the whole session by showing us videos that was related to the topic. Mr Chua also gave his talk about why we commemorate Student Congress and how it affects the school.

That wraps up the whole of Student Congress 2014. It was an enriching and beneficial day as we gained knowledge, as well as had a platform to express our opinions regarding the school. Through this, we believe that the school would be further improved.

Written by: Johanna Lim (S209)


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