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Marine Conservation Presentation on 9 May 2014

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On 9th May 2014, the School of Science and Technology, Singapore organised an assembly programme for the students regarding Marine Conservation. They had invited the representatives of Resorts World Sentosa SEA Aquarium to tell us more about conserving our environment, such as the species around us, for they may become extinct and disappear from our sights forever if we do not do so. The whole school gathered in the Multi-Purpose Hall to listen to the speaker, Mr Adam. As he started, he talked a little about Resorts World Sentosa and what actually made up the whole Sentosa, such as the Aquarium etc. The talk was mainly focused on the Aquarium, in order to raise awareness of the diversity of marine organisms in Singapore. He also talked about the rising number of deaths of marine organisms. Some aquatic species have even been brought close to the brink of extinction because of us and our actions. He talked about what the ocean is like now and what kinds of organisms actually have the sea as their natural habitat. To keep us engaged in the topic, he actually interacted with us, having a few Question and Answer sessions throughout his entire talk. The students, were very co-operative as they actively participated and answered the questions he asked. Other than that, the talk was not only about the ocean alone, but also about how we, as people in this world, can play a part to save these organisms. Second of all, he addressed how we usually act. Some of the common actions that he pointed out was humans littering on the ground and even into the sea! We may think that this is a minor issue but it is affecting our eco-system greatly. The organisms, such as jellyfishes or even birds, think that the litter we throw (e.g. plastic bottles or plastic bags) are food and thus, consume them. This then led to their deaths.

Additionally, Mr Adam and his team have also helped the environment. They embarked on a project where they had to pick up the litter at East Coast Park Beach. They were split up into various groups and then conducted the project. As they tabulated the results at the end of the day, it was stated that cigarette buds amounted the most.
In conclusion, they also told us a few tips to keep our environment save, such as car-pooling, throwing your litter into the rubbish bin, recycling etc. The students not only learnt more about the environment and how to keep it save, but also had an enjoyable and engaging time listening to it!

Written By: Johanna Lim (S2-09)


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