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SST Orientation

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SST Orientation
-by Abu Ubaidah

The orientation programme 2012 for the Secondary 1 students was a great success. Students from different backgrounds come together to experience a new environment, that is, the new site of SST. Very exciting activities were carried out throughout the course of the orientation to bond, nurture values of SST and shape the students to their new learning environment. But let's take a look at the highlights of the whole orientation programme which made it a very pleasant experience for all the Secondary 1 students.

For the first day of orientation, obviously, Ice-breaking games were held out. These games helped classmates familiarize themselves with each other and overcome obstacles as a class. Students also named their classes and came up with a class cheer. They were also taught some cheers which were constructed by some of the Secondary 3 students and they displayed strong spirit and strength with the unity of their cheers.

The second day of orientation was focussed mainly on SST values such as the 10 Cs and what it meant to be an SST student. They had an SST Race, which was like an amazing race between classes to familiarize the new student body to SST. After that, they were briefed on the Concert @SST and Badge Ceremony and started rehearsing. After all, these two events were to be showcased to the parents of Secondary 1 SST Students. 
The third day of orientation was packed with games and activities. After the flag raising ceremony, a few energizing games were held out and Secondary 1 students set off to West Coast Park for a fun-filled race with some obstacles that they had to pass. Wet and dry games were held out and the purpose of all these activities was for the students to bond and get to know each other and have fun while going through the process, essentially.
The last day of the orientation programme consisted of the Secondary 1s constructing "Thank You" cards for their parents and preparations for the long awaited Badge Ceremony and Concert @ SST. After twilight, it finally begun. Students were presented with SST collar-pins/badges by our very own principal, Mr Chua Chor Huat, symbolizing their arrival to the SST community. Looks of awe were given by parents as students gathered for the final moment, as the Secondary 1s cheered with unwavering spirit as a batch of SST Students in unison. Much more happiness was received afterwards, especially from parents, who were teary eyed upon receiving "Thank You" cards from their children.

The orientation programme was very well planned and surprisingly, it was planned and mapped out by solely the Peer-Support-Leader(PSL) community of SST, not comprising of too much. This dedicated bunch of students made the orientation a success and their dedication to the whole event throughout the holidays is indeed admirable.


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