Monday, January 16, 2012

CCA Fair 2012

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  The SST CCA fair takes place once a year. It is an event where the Secondary 1 students of SST choose the CCA (Co-Curricular Activity) which they want to join. The Secondary 2 and 3 students, who already are in their respective CCAs, demonstrate and show what happens in their own CCAs and persuade the Secondary 1 juniors to join their CCA.

There all sorts of CCAs for the Secondary 1 students to choose from, ranging from Robotics to Taekwondo. The students and teachers of the different CCAs set up booths to promote and show off their CCAs in order to entice the juniors to join the CCA of their interest. Set-up began around 2 and the CCA fair officially begun at 2.30. Even during the set-up time, many Secondary 1 students had begun streaming into the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) to take a look at the many different CCAs on display.

The Robotics' Club form of advertisement.

When the fair officially began, Secondary 2 and 3 students went around the ISH with their different methods of advertisement. The Robotics CCA had their very own remote-controlled robot going around the ISH and advertising the CCA. The students in the Taekwondo CCA sparred with one another in order to demonstrate what goes on in their CCA. Each CCA booth attracted groups of juniors to learn more about the different types of CCA in SST and to help them with their choice of CCA. Some CCAs went around with banners and displays promoting their CCA, and others went around giving out flyers advertising the various CCAs.

Members of the Taekwondo CCA spar with each other.
In the end, the juniors got an idea of what goes on during CCAs in SST and also had a better idea of which CCA they would join. Many seniors had shouted themselves hoarse at the end of the day in order to get the attention of the juniors amidst all the noise during the CCA fair.

Written by Tan Keming
Photos by Issac Lim
Vetted by Cherin Tan


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