Monday, April 18, 2011

Track And Field Meet Day 1

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Heats Day 1 @ Queenstown Stadium

The annual SST sports meet consists of a series of heats over a few weeks, and a day of finals at the end of the heats. All the students from Secondary 1 and many from Secondary 2 came to represent their houses in this annual sports meet.

The first day of the heats took place at Queenstown Stadium. Many students gathered in the school hall at 2.30pm and listened to Mr Lam’s briefing, after which they departed for Queenstown Stadium on a few buses.

Trying their best!

Notice the cast? Kudos!

There was an extremely tense atmosphere at the stadium. There was a lot of suspense on who would be the first in the heats. Whenever a race started, the students would cheer for their friends, and a lot of applause could be heard when the first runner finished the race.

The crowd slowly dispersed, as more and more students finished competing in their events. Even though the competition was extremely tiring, and students that had completed the race could go home, a lot of students stayed on to cheer their friends on.


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