Sunday, April 10, 2011

MOE Excel Fest 2011

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MOE Excel Fest 2011 was a 2-day event held from the 1st of April to the 2nd. Students from multiple schools of all categories gathered in one hall at Suntec Convention Centre to showcase their works and to promote their school. The School of Science and Technology, Singapore has had the privilege to participate in this event with some of her students getting an experience they would rarely have.
Ho Yan Jin and Bevan Koo showcasing some of SST's work through our digital platform
Students were assigned to be at the booth which set between those of SOTA's and NUS High's booths. The students went through some of the key things that SST offers like our Mobile Learning Platform and the Group Scribbles Project.
Bevan shares his experience with a younger student
Grace Tan sharing some experiences with the Group Scribbles Project
However, these were not the only measures SST did to get people's attention. Students went on a roster basis to go beyond the booth and roam around the hall and spreading word.
Gavin Lim giving the gist of what SST can offer...
Lee YuChong explaining about SST to a MOE Excel Fest staff
SST's visitors also completed surveys based on what they thought about the school. This would help SST improve in the future in terms of what she can offer students and such.
A visitor filling the survey on the school's iPad
This is also one way the students get to see how they used the iPads in things like Mobile Learning. the students that roamed around the hall promoted that sense in a great deal. They showed that they need not be at a specific place to do the work.
"On-The-Move" Bevan with the iPad/Survey
Yan Jin sharing some of SST's features with a seemingly impressed visitor
So, for 2 whole days, student and staff representatives of SST have given their all in making this event as meaningful as possible and to attract as many hopeful students and parents. All in all, the SST team did a magnificent job once again in the preparation for this event.


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