Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CCA Fair

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On 12 Jan 2011, SST had our first CCA fair. Although there was not much buzz pior to the fair, there was still much excitement when it was finally time for the fair.The fair took place between 2:30 to 4:30 pm this very afternoon. In this fair, seniors promoted their CCA to their juniors, in an attempt to make them take it up as their CCA. 

The 11 CCAs are : Guitar Ensemble , Badminton , Cross Country, Media Club , Soccer, Basketball, Drama Club , Robotics Club, Wushu , Floorball and Cricket. The 3 newly added CCAs,Taekwondo, fencing and Singapore Youth Flying Club(SYFC), also opened their booths and joined the fair.

Things started and ended on a high note. Even before it was 2.30pm, students had already started filling in to the different venues of the various CCAs.Since each CCA was located in a different place from the other CCAs, there was action in all corners of the school.

The guitar Ensemble put up a performance for their juniors.

The Drama club members and juniors getting ready for a rehearsal session.

While the members of Guitar Ensemble put up little performances at 3pm and 3.30pm to attract new recruits, the Drama Club allowed the juniors to participate in an actual rehearsal just to let them have a feel of things. 

For the sports CCAs, such as soccer,badminton, Cricket, Floorball ,Basketball and Wushu, the members actually played against the juniors or strut their moves in front of them to ‘win their hearts’. Cross Country gave out pamphlets , briefly explaining their CCA , as well as little snacks as welcome gifts to the juniors. As for the Media Club, they treated the juniors with a gallery of their best works , explaining clearly to them the production process that happened while making the product.

The Robotics Club Chairman briefing the students.

The Robotics Club also had its fair share of fun as the student got their hands and minds moving as they tried to make different robot models with the parts they were given while following a guide, which they were also provided with. Because there was no existing members for the three new CCAs, external venders set up their booths and promoted the CCAs.

To end off, the seniors did their very best trying to promote their CCAs. I am sure some of them has already lost their voice from all the shouting . As they say , ‘All for one, and one for all’ . One must definitely sacrifice for the sake of the team , or in this case , for the sake of the CCA.

Written by: Emily Wu

Photos taken by: Reuven Lim


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