Monday, January 17, 2011

Badge Ceremony

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Secondary 1s wearing their badge.

Presentation on the Sec 1s orientation.

The badge ceremony for the new Secondary 1s was held on 14 January 2011. Parents were gathering in the classes of their children when they were presented on what their child did during their two week's orientation. They had different reactions, happy, eager or excited, as they saw their child's experience in the school.

Soon, parents were ushered to the hall. Followed by the secondary 1s marching into the hall. While they were settling at the back of the hall, the parents where eagerly taking photos of the secondary 1s. After the marching in, Mrs Chew made a speech acknowledging her gratitude to the PSLs for their hard work in the two weeks of orientation. Soon after, the time for the Secondary 1s to take their badges reached. One by one, they received their badges. During that time parents were eagerly taking photos of children when they were receiving their badge. Finally, the Secondary 1s were cheering the 3 cheers they had learnt in the two weeks of orientation.

Then, the second Badge Ceremony for SST ended successfully. It was a memorable experience for the Secondary 1s and the teachers.

Written by: Michelle Lim


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