Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Post-Exam Activities (Cheer Leading Workshop)

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The end-of-year exams are over, and SST has organised facilitators for our cheerleading workshop.

Initially, the facilitators introduced themselves and shared some jokes. We did some warm-up exercises shortly after. A student from each class was to be carried from one end to another, supported by the classes' hands, which in this case was me, as I seemed to be light. It felt very awkward, being lifted by everybody.

Then we began by learning some arm motions, namely: a high touchdown, a high 'V', a 'T', a low 'V', a touchdown, low touchdown, a clap and a clasp.

Then, we learnt some simple jumps like the star jump, tug jump and straight jump. After that, it was our recess and we took the time to refresh ourselves.

Next, we learnt how to perform a PA Stand. it requires 4 positions: 2 bases (left and right), a flyer and a backsport. Firstly, the right and left base form the full base. Then, the flyer puts his/her right leg onto the right base's leg. Next, the backsport, who is holding the flyer's waist, boosts the flyer up and the flyer balances on both bases' legs. The flyer then makes a high 'V'. After that, the bases hold the flyer's hand and jump on the count of 4, bouncing the flyer, who keeps his/her legs together, landing on his/her toes.

We also learnt to do a dance, comprising of various moves, following the facilitator step by step. Many of us got confused and we had to repeat it.

Finally, we combined the dance and the PA Stand. We failed many times but we did not give up. We tried and tried and eventually got it perfectly.

We would like to thank the facilitators who were very patient with us, and of course, SST, who organised this entire program!


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