Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Day @ SST

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The day had come! We were finally going to meet our potential juniors for 2011 in SST. We now have the chance to see who we would be sharing the knowledge we have with next year. This was the day when our juniors would get a feel of how we work, learn and collaborate as if they were already a part of the SST family. They will experience how it’s like being a student of the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. This day would be crucial as they would get a feel of how a day at SST is really like, and thus, would decide if such a school is suitable for them.
A day of fun and learning began with all our own SST students and staff preparing themselves to receive our guests. At around 8 o’clock, our potential juniors, along with their parents, came rushing through our gates and headed towards the registration area. Our student ushers and staff gave them their tags and info kit for them to get started. The parents were ushered into the waiting area, our library, to wait for the meeting with the Principal or the Vice-Principals to begin in the Learning Oasis and ADMT Room 1. As for our juniors, they were brought to the various rooms for different activities based on the various subjects. Subjects that were previewed to the students were Science, Mathematics, English and Integrated Humanities. Our ushers were running back and forth to assist, guide and even answer questions by the juniors and their parents. Our student helpers, or the Teacher Assistants, were working hard too to ensure that their teachers managed to get their message and lessons across to the juniors. The teachers of the respective subjects did their best to engage the students in their various activities and allowed them to get a taste of SST life. Throughout the three sessions, the SST family did their best to give to her potential members.
We hope that in 2011, we will be able to see the same people we saw today, this time donned with our school uniform. They will join us in our road to success and progress with their seniors to a bright future.

Written by: Hardy Shein Nyein Chan
Edited by: Lee YuChong
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