Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SST National Day Celebration

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The 5th and 6th of Aug were some exciting days.

On the 5th, it was the day before the BIG DAY. We had a small assembly about National Day. There were video clips being played that had meanings related to National Day in Singapore. There were videos that were very humorous and those that were very inspirational. Our Vice-principal read a speech for National Day too. It told us of all our accomplishments as a country and our future dreams and how we’ll all stick together to accomplish them.

Moving on to the 6th of Aug, it was truly a day to enjoy and relax and enjoy the happy occasion. The day was set on truly understanding what “Live our Dreams, Fly our flag” meant. From the stage, a sea of red could be seen. Almost all of the students had worn a red shirt to school today. We watched a short video clip on our past and how our fore fathers helped us to progress to where we are today.

In conjunction with National Day, SST held her finals for the “ SST’s GOT talent” competition. We had a great time! First, we watched Kaichek WOW the crowd with his expert Yo-Yo tricks. Then, Shamemi dazzled the crowd with a song by Miley Cyrus. Following the singing act, came another by Pasakorn who gave his heart and soul in a Thai Love Song. Another spectacular, young ‘ Adam Lambert’ or should we say, Abu who sang Mad World. A stunning display of musical talent by Jia Le who played the piano. A song followed by three ‘ rappers’ singing ‘ Never say never’. Abilash and Hao En then did a breakdance...the cool way.
Mohit and Mirza went flying on the stage with their Jump-style performance. There was also a small team where two guitarist played a tune with a lone singer at the front. This was then finished off by a final effort from ‘ Classroom Music’ where the boys drummed their way from their classroom to the Principal’s office. A stunning display of talent and courage from our SST students.

Immediately after the competition ended, another competition began. It was the "Don't forget the lyrics" Competition! The songs were all National Day Songs and a few people went up on stage to try to win prizes. As they sang, the audience merrily sang along with them. It was not before long when this competition ended and the results for "SST's got Talent" was released. Everyone was waiting in suspense as the Emcees revealed the winners one by one. Each participant that qualified for the finals got a prize. A merry applause followed as each recipient received an envelope containing their prize in it from the vice-principal, Mr. Soh. These are the names of the award recipients:

Individual Category Consolation
S1-02's Nur Shamemi

S1-04's Pasakorn

2nd runner up

S1-01's Ng Kai Chek

1st runner up

S1-06's Abu


S1-09's Chio Jia Le

Group Category Consolation
S101's Grace, Mayur and Shamus Rap and Sing Never Say Never by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith

Abigail, Matthew and Catherine plays the Guitar and Sing Fifteen by Taylor Swift

2nd Runner Up

S102's Abilash and Hao En: Break Dance

1st Runner Up

S105's Mohit and Mirza: Jump Style


S106 STOMP performed by:
Matthias Lee, Chen Yu, Izzat, Daniel, Ming Yong and Heo Yub

These memorable 2 days have been fun and exciting for the students of SST and hopefully, the next National Day Celebration will be much more fun!

Done by: Hardy Shein Nyein Chan and Lee YuChong


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