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International Friendship and Racial Harmony Day

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21 July 2010

SST celebrates its Racial Harmony Day in a very special way, which is split into two parts, the performance and the I&E bazaar. It started off with Mrs Chew giving us a speech about her experiences during the Racial Riots in 1969, in Kuala Lumpur, the fear, the pain and them having scarcity of food. We were encouraged to post our thoughts on twitter with #SST 2010 RHD in their tweets.

After that, Fatin and Nadiah showcased a presentation on the Malay Culture, followed by a Dikir Barat performance by the Malay students.

Next up, a Drama was presented by very own SST Drama Club, entitled: “Rama and Sita”, about a King’s children being sent away into the forest by the Queen, one of them being kidnapped and the journey to save her.

After that, an introduction to Wushu was presented by Khim and Yan Jin, followed by a Wushu performance by the Wushu Club.

Before the performance part of the day ended, there was a Quiz about different enthics, with questions such as:
What does ‘Haji’ before a muslim name suggest?
Why do the Chinese present items in even numbers?
How many players are there in Sepak Takraw at one time?

A video compilation of the Racial Harmony Day Performance

While the I&E bazaar, which is totally set up by our SST students, features food, games and other products in various places, such as the Canteen, Learning Oasis and their own classrooms. The air was just filled with noise, with people attracting others to their stall by shouting, walking advertisements and just asking their friends to come to their stall.

Some of the popular stalls are 1-01’s bookmark stall and 1-07’s Nerf gun stall, which have been interviewed on video, and 1-04’s chocolate fondue, along with many other stalls. Do keep a look out for the video.

A video about one of the famous stalls in the I&E bazaar-- S1-07's Nerf game stall

A video about one of the famous stalls in the I&E bazaar-- S1-01's bookmark stall

An interview with one of our students (Zheng Jie from S1-02) and his mother about the I&E bazaar.

Interestingly, the stalls in the Canteen are doing brisk business, while the stalls in their own classes or upper levels have very few, or just no customers at all.At the end of the day, everyone counted their coupons and as they cleaned up, smiles were all around as they earned the money, for a good cause.

Written By: Cherin
Edited By: Ms Seah


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