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SST Open House 2014

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SST Open House 2014

On the 30th of March, SST’s staff and students banded together to help create the grand event known as the SST Open House 2014.

SST Open House 2014 is an important event in which parents of Primary School students and the young ladies and gentlemen themselves are invited to be displayed the many unique aspects of SST, and most importantly, advocate SST as a promising choice of Secondary School to the PSLE-examinable students.

Many events were conducted within the grand event, from Principle/Vice-Principle Talks to student demonstrations of certain subjects, by the many teachers, student volunteers and our Principle and Vice-Principle, Mr. Chua and Mrs. Chew.

Parents are given goodie bags once entering, with a stamping card given within it. Many booths, ranging from the subject booths, to Science Lab Sessions to CCA stalls provide activities in which the parents and their children can participate, and receive chops. Guided tours by the Student Council were provided, in order to give a brief overview of SST to the parents and their children.
                               Activities at the Mathematics Subject Booth
Student Councillors conducting guided tours
Activities at the Singapore Youth Flying Club Booth

Parents of these students were encouraged to attend the Principle/Vice-Principle Talk, a session in which the Principle or Vice-Principle would talk about the important aspects of SST, and why their child/children should enroll in this school.

“Students engaged in not only the head, but also in the heart and hands do well,” Said the Vice Principle, as she explained the unique attributes of applied learning. Applied Subjects, Talent Development Program, so on and so forth were shown and explained too. 

“You don’t want to work for your lunch? Someone else will come and take it. And do not come crying when someone else comes to take your lunch.” Said the Vice-Principle, as she explained how SST teaches their students about the real working world, the necessary work habits needed, along with interpersonal and leadership skills.

Another event which parents were encouraged to attend was the Student Panel, where SST students from Sec 1 to the Pioneer Batch talk about their experience in SST. 

A Secondary One student talked about how unsure he felt when deciding if SST was the right school or not, and how he is enjoying his three months in the new year. He also added how smooth the transition from Primary Six to Secondary One was, due to the fun and unique Orientation.

A Secondary Two student talked about the compulsory Global Citizenship Program, how he travelled to Thailand on a Scientific Trip. He learnt more than just Science, however. He also learnt about the importance of looking out for each other, and teamwork. He also talked about the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Camp, in which Secondary One students, after their major exams, studied about I&E in Ngee Agn Polytechnic, our sponsor and partner. He learnt about the importance of working hard to get results.

A Pioneer, now in a Junior College, talked about how SST helped her greatly in time management and skills needed to help her along her years. Another Pioneer, pursuing Psychology in a Polytechnic, talked about how as former SST Students, they had more exposure to the real world. This has made her more independent, proactive and participative in competitions.
SST Students at the Student Panel
Science subjects such as Physics were set up in labs, along with entertaining experiments for the young ladies and gentlemen. They were welcome to perform exciting activities, from making crystal gardens in Chemistry to assembling circuits in Fundamentals of Electronics.

While the children have their fun, parents are invited to attend Educamp at SST Incorporated, a display of the ongoings within the ICT TDP. Students went up to share their experience under the Talent Development Program. 

A particularly eye-catching presentation was from Ding Wen, one of the youngest iPhone programmers in the world. He gave a presentation of what exactly we are doing wrong in life, and thus help us realise how we could improve, in a rather crude, yet true and frank manner.

Parents were also invited to In Conversation, a session in which the subjects ADMT, I&E and IRS were presented by their head teachers and student volunteers. Many projects evident of the application of these non-traditional subjects were shown, impressing parents.

Subject booths were set up to display the many other subjects offered. From compulsory academics to Talent Development Programs. Many parents were awed at the display of the student’s works, evidence of the Applied Learning Process.

This Open House is none but the work of SST Staff whom banded together to plan this event. But let us not forget the student volunteers, who not only held expertise in a certain subject or CCA, but also gave up the weekend following up to their holiday to help out in the actual event itself. To hold everything together. To actually make it all happen. To be the living example of an SST student.

Overall, the SST Open House 2014 was a marvelous event that helped portray SST’s finest and best to the potential ladies and gentlemen, and especially their parents.

Written by: Athiyah Tamanna Azeem (S307)


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