Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2013

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On the 8th of February, 2013, students from all four levels reported to school in their usual outfits, but with a totally different mood about them. It was to be the first time that the school celebrated the occasion with all pupils from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. Everyone was excited about the performance later in the day and were chatting merrily about it in anticipation. The students had lessons in class as usual, until 11 am, where everyone reported to the hall for a concert.

The concert was kicked off by our very own Wushu team. A display of menacing looking weapons and sheer grit and determination by our performers, kept the audience jaws dropped in awe.

Following the wushu display, there was a Chinese Opera/Drama - two performers entertained the students with unbelievable jumps, flips and stunts, along with a massive and intense sword fight, signifying a combat between the two parties.

The concert was concluded by a song and dance item and performed by students from SST show choir - Lai Ziying and Carol Chen (s4-09). 
The song was titled "彩云之南”(pinyin: cai yun zi nan) ,  which describes Yun Nan Province's beautiful lanscapes and the minority tribes that lived there. 

This year's Chinese New Year concert was yet another magnificent performance planned by the staff and students of SST.  Organisers and performers alike had put in their best effort to perform for the school community. We ought to show our appreciation to them and let us all look forward to another great performance in 2014! Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财!

Written By: Teo Ji Hao
Vetted By: Abu Ubaidah 


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