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Happy Teachers' Day on 31st August 2012

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On this special day, all classes in SST, School of Science and Technology proceeded to their classrooms after the usual bustle of the morning assembly and set up their wonderful surprise for their beloved teachers. Besides appreciating the teachers, 31st August 2012 also express their acknowledgement for all supporting staff of the school for all their hard work for all these years. The theme to this year's Teachers' Day celebration is "Heroes". Our teachers have always been there for us, an unsung hero whom has helped us achieve what we have today. The supporting staff put in their best efforts in working hard behind the scenes for the school, overcoming the challenges like a superhero.

Prior to this event, the classes were to invite their teacher, plan a surprise class party for their teachers, create an appreciation card and a weapon for their teachers. All classes celebrated and appreciated their teachers each in their own unique way, expressing their heartfelt thanks to their teachers. Classes proceeded to cleaning up their classrooms after their joyous class party and headed towards the multipurpose hall for an exciting concert being put up in the hall.

Kicking off the start of the concert, Mark Tay from S201 sang "  " while the academic, management and supporting sauntered on the red carpet laid from the middle of the hall, leading to the stage. Everyone clapped and cheered as they spotted their teacher ambling across the red carpet, a truly memorable moment.

Mr Chua makes a speech to thank the teachers and acknowledge their immense efforts that they have put in through out their years of teaching in SST. He also appreciated the hard work of those student leaders, colleagues and admin staff in making the celebration possible.

Millie ( Chairman of the Peer Support Board), Calvin Heng and Hardy Shein went up on stage to present about how is their teacher their hero and what does it mean to them. Handmade paper flowers were presented to the teachers and staff through the PSL. 

Last but not least, a appreciation video for the supporting staff of SST is shown to the school. The funny imitations of SST's teachers brought back wonderful memories for everyone. In SST, we also demonstrate our gratitude towards them in making the school a great and comfortable environment.

Let the fun begin now! SST’s very own show choir group put up a dance and sing performance, donning on silvery vests on their black shirt and pants as they put in their very best performance, full of vibrancy and energy. Next up is a soothing song sang by Abu, accompanied by the skillful piano skills of Neo Wei Hong, a marvelous combination. SST’s first A Capella team performs on stage, comprising of Mark Tay, Fathiah, Abu, .... sang Secrets by One Republic. It was a stunning experience for all of us. SST’s newly formed dance group also put up a revitalizing performance. Another solo singing performance was also sang a song on the theme Heroes.

A quirky and entertaining quiz by two emcees, Harindrar and Jia En from S207 asked questions and the teachers answered. Everyone anticipated the teacher’s responses as each question was spoken ending with a round of applause. The great emcees entertained everyone immensely and everyone was engaged in the round of answering and questioning.
Last but not least, the show choir bought to their
 last performance of the day, Edge of Glory. They cladded in a new red glittery vests as dancing as enjoyable as before. As the song came to an end, the finale of the Teachers’ Day celebration came. The finale of this year’s event was the singing alongs session of Ain’t no Mountain High Enough. This song symbolises that no challenge is too large to overcome and no goal is too big to achieve. Everyone stood up and clapped along to the tune. As the song comes to an end, everyone settled down and soon the students were dismissed. This year’s Happy Teacher’s Day celebration is planned by the Peer Support Board. On this special day, we would like to appreciate and put across our sincere words of thanks to all academic and supporting staff.

Article Written by Mavis Cheng S201 

Photos by : Owen and Sandy S201 


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