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I&E Bazaar 2012

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20th July 2012
On this day, SST celebrates the annual Racial Harmony Day again.This year, the Racial Harmony Day celebration is divided into two parts: the Racial Harmony Day Concert and the I&E Bazaar. It started off with our emcees for the day, Sarah from S1-04 and Marcus from S1-05 by introducing this year Racial Harmony Day theme, “People, Places, Memories”.
First up, the guitar ensemble will be performing ‘Di Tanjong Katong’ , which is one of the more popular but now rarely heard songs form Singapore in the past and it is also about one of the famous place in Singapore.
Next up, a group of Malay students will be giving a Creative Poetry Recital named ‘Dunia’, which is written by Singapore-born poet named Jaka Budi. This poem is about changes that happen in the world. The world has seen people of different characters- people who love the power, people who struggle in life and people who gave up in the life. 
Following up, is a video about the Maria Hertogh Riots, one of the racial riots in Singapore    
After that, the wushu club presents a performance which brought a thunderous applause from students and teachers. 
The final item of the concert ends off with a Malay Drama Performance by Sri Warisan Group, entitled ‘Unity in Diversity’ . Sri Warisan presented to us a series of creative dances that highlight the colourful diversity of the various ethnic traditions, customs in multi-racial Singapore and different parts of the world. Through this performance, they  introduced dance as an innovative medium to convey different social themes and concepts.
After the performance, there is a Q&A followed by students going up on stage to learn the several steps for Malay, Chinese and Indian dance and dance to the song, ‘chan mali chan’.
Following up is the I&E Bazaar, where all classes set up stalls to sell food, present games and many more in the canteen and the Atrium. Students can be seen walking around shouting and even carrying posters to advertise for their stalls.
One very unique and creative stall is the stall from S2-03. S2-03 presented song dedications. Requests for any songs and they would play it. Pupils crowded around the podium as G.R.E.G and friends, winner of SST got talent danced along. Jee Hoon did beat boxing and both of them recieved an appplause from everyone. 
Overall, this I&E Bazaar not only brings out the creativity in students, it also enables students to learn more about Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is what this bazaar aims to achieve. 

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