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Celebrations@SST- Evening event

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On the 8th of March, SST held its very third Celebrations@SST for the first time in the new campus. This year, we had a morning event for all students and teachers and a evening event for the award ceremony and the parents of the prize winners. The evening event started around 6pm. Parents started coming in and headed towards the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH)for the reception where they interact with other parents and the teachers.

The Peer Support Leaders(PSLs)were stationed along the way to usher the parents towards the ISH and in the ISH, there were more PSLs stationed at the food stations, helping to serve the parents, the teachers and the prize winners. Tables were set up in the middle of the hall for parents, teachers and prize winners.

Some parents and teachers were also standing around. Not long after, Mr Chua led the Guest of Honour to the ISH for the reception. After the reception, parents were ushered by the PSLs into the Multi Purpose Hall(MPH) for the award ceremony and the performances. By 7.30pm, most of the parents were seated in the hall, waiting for the GOH to arrive at the MPH.

The emcees announced the arrival of the GOH and everyone stood up to welcome him. Next, the emcees introduced Mr Chua Up on stage to give a speech on the school's progress. Following that, our GOH went on stage and gave a short speech. Then, we had a short prize ceremony for the excommittee of PforSST to thank them for all the things that they have done for us. After that, we had the prize ceremony for the student prize winners.
Mr Chua and the GOH

One by one, the students went up on stage to get receive their prize for the acheivements they had done last year. The last award, the mot Outstanding Student award goes to Kimberly Ong from S309. Mr Tan Hoe Teck gave a short speech about Kimberly and reasons why she got the Ost Outstanding award. Then, we had Kimberly herself to give a short speech. Then, we had the Chronicles of a SST Student, done by Celine Chee of S302.

The chronicles talked about Celine's life on SST up til now. In between, we had performances by Jee Hoon to show off his finger techniques, SST Drama Club for their own re-enactment of Steve Job's life, SST Show Choir and lastly, SST Dance Troop. All these performances recieved lots of applause from the parents, the teachers and all students present.

 After the performances, the emcees have a closing speech before the GOH left and the remaining parents and students slowly left the hall.

Pictures by Bing Jue and others
Article by Genevieve Foo


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