Monday, November 15, 2010

Humanities Mobile Learning (Botanical Gardens)

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Today, our school organised Mobile Learning field trips for every class in school. As my class, 104, and 106, had already gone for a previous Mobile Learning trip, we were going to the Botanical Gardens, while the other classes were going to locations we had visited before.

After a short briefing at the hall about some software that was not applicable to my group, we assembled at the porch and boarded the bus to our respective locations.

104 and 106 were split up to go to different stations first. We were guided by guides from the Botanical Gardens. 104 first went to see a few plants and learn about them and the park.

We were slightly delayed for the second, more fun rainforest walk as the 106 was behind time and the station was not prepared yet.

We were guided by a different guide for the rainforest walk, who showed us many plants we may find in a native rainforest and explained to us some of the workings of a rainforest. It was quite fun, and though we were behind time we managed to finish the trail and go back to school, where many of us had our Learning Support briefing afterwards. All in all, it was a tiring but fun day.


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